Seoul Galbi Korean Restaurant, Poblacion, Makati

Disappointed because the owner of the restaurant we were meaning to visit was still out to buy ingredients, we found this Korean Restaurant in 5362 Gen. Luna Street in Poblacion, Makati. Poblacion definitely has a lot of hidden gems.

Yey for wooden chopsticks.
Look at all these banchan/sidedishes.

Cubed Raddish Kimchi (깍두기), Spinach (시금치나물),  Kimchi ( 김치), Fish Cake (오뎅), Soybean Sprouts (콩나물무침), Pickled Radish (단무지) and lettuce (쌍추) to wrap your galbi or samgyeopsals in. 

Soybean paste and that vinegar looking dip that tastes like wasabi.
Our order was Chicken Galbi
Really like Korean restaurants with exhaust. You know how clingy the smell of Korean food can be (Buti pa 'yung amoey e clingy). Imagine walking out of the restaurant smelling like food from hair to toe. Give away na give away na sa Korean restaurant ka nanggaling.

Our order was grilled by the waitress and compared to Yoogane's version,  this wasn't that spicy. Enough for an authentic Korean taste without numbing your tongue too much. Great for starters and those who aren't fond of spicy food.
Kimbap and Ttukboki
Lettuce and Onion Leek Salad was also served halfway our meal.


All in all, Seoul Galbi is one of the best Korean Restaurant I've been to.

Apart from the delicious taste of our food. They have big servings, good service and affordable prices.

Everything we had cost only P 550.00.
This may already be good for 3 persons but only 2 of us shared this meal. La eh. Takaw eh. :))

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