Philippine International Hotair Balloon Festival 2014

Was able to watch/join this year's Hotair Balloon festival with two of my friends. Hihihi. Another activity has been crossed out on my/our list. Thank You po for #explore2014 namin pero baka pwede naman singitan ng #moremoney20142015201620172018forever. hahaha!

Anyway, we joined a group tour that was offered by MetroAsian Tours in Metrodeal worth P 1,795.00/person. 

Inclusive of: Transportation, Entrances to this Hotair Balloon Festival, Nayong Pilipino and Paradise Ranch. 

Back to the Festival:

We left Greenbelt 1 at around 2 AM. No decent sleep yet so I was asleep the whole travel time and when I woke up, we were already in Lubao.
We arrived at around 5 AM. 
As we noticed that people started to crowd near this area, we also walked towards them.

If you're viewing this years after 2014 as a guide, make sure to arrive early or you'll miss everything. Their preparations and inflating of the hot air balloons are the main attractions. Pag na-late ka, wala ka ng aabutan at kailangan mo na lang maghintay pagbalik nila sa hapon pa.
Yes, Kuya? Pasakay naman!

I don't know what this is called but this person was doing exhibition the whole time. 
Most of the balloons have been inflated!
Btw, whole day ride cost P 6,000.00

and.. and.. Someone proposed! Kaw na, tey!
Putukin mo nga, Angry Bird. hehehe
After taking more pictures, we decided to leave the field to look for something to eat.

I ordered an ala carte cheeseburger at Mcdo worth P 39.00 but I was given a double cheeseburger. Hahaha. Hindi ko na binalik!!!!! Nakagatan ko na bago ko napansin eh. 

This year's location was in Bgy. Prado Siongco, Lubao, Pampanga. Dati sa Subic nila 'to ginagawa eh.
Bringing of outside food is prohibited but you won't go hungry since there are alot of food booths in the area.

Just bring boxes or anything you can sit at because there's a shortage of chairs! Hindi tuloy masyadong masarap 'yung burger kasi nakatayo kaming kumain. Joooooke! Hahaha. Aarte pa ba ko sa double cheese burger koo.
When most of the hotair balloons have flown, we were entertained by these street dancers.

Ayan, since wala naman masyado makikita. We walked around once more and headed back to the bus... to sleep.

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