Korean Animation Exhibit and Affordable Korean Language Classes at KCCPh

Korean Character Exhibition: The Delight of Korean Animation Character World

From February 7 - May 10, 2014, these are the things on display at KCCPh's wave hall.

I, myself, don't remember watching these Korean animations when I was younger but despite that, seeing these was enough to feel nostalgic. Afterall, our childhood is one of the best times of our lives, isn't it?

Anyway, it was only in 2012 that I got to watch episodes of some of these animations since they're a great way to practice Korean language skills too. I don't remember what was it but I learned the Korean words for different body parts and animal names from an animation. 

Adventures on Cloud Bread and Hello, Jadoo. 

Yes, we learn something new everyday.
I've always thought that Pucca is Chinese!

And of course, Pororo and friends.

These toys will definitely make a child happy.
No touching and playing though!
This exhibit is for free so visit the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines now and take a selfie with Pororo and Pucca!

I was once a student (Elementary 1, Elementary 2 & Korean Traditional Dance) and a volunteer at KCCPh. Until now, if time and schedule permits, I always find myself returning there. Two years ago (LEE MIN HO AND BOYS OVER FLOWERS were the roots of all these), I decided to enroll myself in a language class at KCC. Like what I've always told some people, it was one of the best decisions I made in this life. (K. EMO? HAHAHA) I'm really glad that even if I knew no one and nothing when I started, I pushed through. As time passed, I fell inlove not only with the Korean culture per se but also with the experiences I had. Not to mention that I also gained friends along the way. 

Why am I saying this?

I want to invite like-minded people to take our hobby to the next level.

If you're devoting much of your time watching dramas, following K-pop stars etc. why not channel those "fangirling" and "fanboying" passions to something that would benefit you in the long run? Self-improvement, culture immersion, having a third language ganyan. 

In weeks time, maybe in the 3rd or last week of April, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines is opening its doors again for Filipinos who are interested in learning more about Korea. If you're one of us and you have the time, will and budget (they offer classes at a very affordable price, mej mahal lang paminsan ang cost of living sa BGC kasi. hehe) why not try enrolling yourself in one of their classes? 

And though they're not considered a language institute (more of hobbies lang kasi and it's a cultural center), I assure that you'll learn a lot. I passed my TOPIK beginner level 2 with the knowledge I learned from KCC's elem 1&2. :) TOPIK tips link: here. 

ADDITIONAL INFO: Start 'em young! Enroll children aged 10-15 years old in their summer youth program from April 21 to May 9 ( 10 AM to 12 NN) for only P 200.00. Enroll online on April 9-11 and onsite on April 12. 

Children will learn the Korean Language basic, traditional games and more.

Requirements are:

Age: 10-15yrs old as of April 21
Registration Form
Passport-sized photo
Birth certificate
P200 registration fee


Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, 2F Mancor Corporate Building, 32nd St. Bonifacio Global City. 

Commuting Directions to Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines:
From MRT Ayala Station, ride the WEST route of BGC bus and inform the driver that you're alighting at St. Luke's.

Mancor is across St. Luke's Hospital, Starbucks and Jollibee.

Other landmark kung saan ka bababa: Mind Museum link 1 and 2. ... uyy, browse browse din. :)))


Dear Blogosphere Fairy God Mother, 
한국에 가고 싶습니다. 

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