Capones Island and Anawangin Cove Day Tour

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Here's a post about my "Second of Summer" 
Thank You po! My golly. Kebs kung umitim! 

Byahe pa San Antonio, Zambales tapos pa-Pundaquit then from there, boat ride to these two. Sabi marami pa raw islands dun but for the first installment (kasi babalik pa ko someday. hihi) Capones Island at Anawangin Cove muna. 

Papuntang Anawangin Cove pwede rin daw mag hike/trek. Akyat kayo ng Mt. Pundaquit papuntang Anawangin. 

Boat ride from Pundaquit to Anawangin: 30 - 45 minutes
Trek to Anawangin: 3 hours - 6 hours

Spent some time watching football at Emperador Stadium then the rest of the night at Family Mart in McKinley Hills, Taguig. Our scheduled pick up time was 1:30 in the morning. 

Pics or it didn't happen.
Feeling like a giant with James Younghusband. Sisipain ko magsasabi na maliit ako!!!
After around 3 hours of driving, we arrived at San Antonio Market. I heard that you can ride a tricycle from here to Pundaquit.

Bear with my face.
 I feel so vain today. Hahaha. GGSS ang peg. 

Ayan na 'yung mga bundok. <3
It may be a bumpy road to the beach but the view is worth it.

There are already cottages in this area and you can already swim in this part but since we're into more adventure...

Boat ride to Anawangin Cove:

Ganda please!
Everywhere is a picturesque view. 
We arrived at Capones Island and our guide told us to alight the boat.

 You should've seen our shocked faces when we realized that we were about to trek without preparations.
I love crazy!

This was the surprise for us since we really thought that we were only out to swim.  But okay, I love this kind of things. Kailangan ko na lang ng partner/group na kasamang mamundok. Ampunin niyo na ko plez! :))) Make time for mountains ang peg.
Here is the Capones Lighthouse

Madali lang naman umakyat sa medyo umuugang spiral staircase.
Maganda naman ang view papuntang second stairs.
Ingat. Nagasgas 'yung camera ko dito. Mej baliw lang umakyat na walang case man lang 'yung camera.

I don't have a picture of the third staircase but...
See. It seemed like I teleported from Emerador to Zambales.

Notice that the bottom part of my shirt is wet since I got soaked upon alighting the boat. Mej malakas 'yung alon kaya parang umabot waist deep 'yung tubig.
West Philippine Sea

The view reminds me of Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos link: here. 
Not for the faint-hearted or those with acrophobia.

Nganga bells.
It was so hot but the view is more than worth it!
Better view of the lighthouse.
Kunyari hindi pagod, kunyari hindi pawisan, kunyari prepared.
On our way down.

The trek was easy that I manage to do it wearing my flip-flops. They even have this stairs there but the intense heat brought that 15 minutes walk to the next level. Sunscreen ba? Hindi rin uso. 
Back to our boat

The shore of this island is very rocky. Sabi nila, panghilod rocks and there are several garbages such as slippers and plastics. Tara, clean drive?
Rode the boat for another 20-30 minutes.
Boat ride selfie. hahaha. Puyat na puyat!
Hi Sun! Na-OA ka that day.
That over there is Anawangin Cove!
What are coves?
They are a small type of bay that are often circular or oval with usually narrow and restricted  entrance.

Facing the ocean, this is what you're going to see. I failed to take a panaromic shot so I just combined these two pictures.
My initial question upon seeing the place was that how it was possible for these pine trees to grow there since I know that pine trees only grow in cool climates...  then soon I learned that these are Agoho trees and not Pine trees.
These trees add to the reasons why this place is unique. It is very unusual to see trees like this near the shore since in the Philippines, the "normal" coastline tree is Coconut tree.

Lika na, mag Edward Edward (Cullen) tayo dito. Hahahaha!
View of the shore. 
It was only a day tour so we had no tents to sleep at. Natulog kami sa mesa na 'yan with shade from the tree only to transfer to the sand after. Naglatag kami ng sarong at twalya and slept. Unang beses kong matulog sa buhangin at sa public ng wala man lang unan at kumot. Pagkagising namin, para pala kaming nagsa-sun bathing kasi umurong na 'yung araw. 'Yung shade kanina, initan na nung gumising kami. hahahahaha. The best experiences are truly from random turned crazy moments. Sa sobrang sleep deprived, hindi na rin kami nagising ng sobrang init. 
It was almost time for lunch when we woke up. Thank you, Kuya Harry sa pagp-prepare ng masarap na inihaw na pork chop, isda, kanin, mangga at pakwan.

Salamat din sa mais at sa puto't kutsinta na "ninakaw" namin sa bag mo kasi gutom na gutom na kami. Wahahaha. As if mabasa niya to noh. 
Swam at the beach again since we were set to leave the place by 3 PM. Pag mas late bumalik kasi, malakas na 'yung alon. 

Underwater Selfie. 
May CR, may wash area at may sari-sari store doon.
The locals have made this place more convenient for tourists. Hindi naman sobrang commercialized since walang resort sa area. And I wish that this place would remain this way in the future. Okay na 'yung tents at iilang kubo para sa mga gustong mag overnight.
Tinanggal ng tubig alat 'yung kulay ng bukok ko. Tsktsk
Boat ride back to Pundaquit!
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Take Note:

1. Walang kuryente sa Anawangin.
2. Walang signal
3. Okay naman ang day tour pero parang mas bet ang overnight camping para malayo sa lahat lahat lahat ng gulo ng siyudad. hahahaha. Hanggang ngayon iniisip ko pa rin kung gaano kaganda ang mga bituin mula sa isang lugar na walang kuryente. Haaaay, life. Ang ganda ganda mo.
Off we go.

I don't know the prices since we availed a group tour. 
We were a group of 11 and each of us paid P 1,300.00


Van Transfer from Makati - Pundaquit (back and forth)
Boat Ride to Capones and Anawangin (back and forth)
Tables and Chairs ('Yung isang table namin may cover naman)
Lunch (Busog na busog na busog)
Side trip at Duty Free in Subic

If you're interested contact:

Kuya Legend Harry

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