Nayong Pilipino, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

After watching the Philippine Hotair Balloon Festival link: here, we headed to Nayong Pilipino. 

Kung kelan lumayo, saka pa napuntahan. Ayan 'yun eh, dating nasa Pasay 'to pero first time ko lang pumunta.

Yes, Kalinga Village?
Be my lucky charm to Sagada, Banaue and Baguio! 
Apart from being a picnic place, Nayong Pilipino also has replicas of different tourist spots we have in the country. Para bang, around the Philippines in one day ang peg.

Barasoain Church
Like the one in Villa Escudero link: here. Nayong Pilipino also hold a cultural show presenting the different Filipino folk dances. Ako, I enjoyed not only watching but also the coldness inside of the theater. hahahaha. 
There are also souvenir shops inside. They sell cheap souvenir shirts for only P 150.00 - P 180.00. Maganda 'yung tela at design compare dun sa Hotair Balloon na eeengk, P 280.00 - P 300.00 ang bentahan pero wiz.
Tilapia fishes here are "golden". I don't know why.

We were only there for around two hours (the cultural show took most of the time) so we weren't even able to walk around the whole place. There's definitely more left to see apart from the pictures I included here.

It's a beautiful place which will allow you to learn more about our country and its history. Must see! Lalo kung kailangan mo ng inspiration why once (few times.. sige, lots of times) in our lives, we need to see the world beyond our "comfort zones" 

Wishing everyone an #explore2014 etc. too. :)

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