Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort Day Tour

Is this in Tiaong, Quezon or in San Pablo, Laguna?

Anyway, alam mo 'yung tinitignan tignan mo lang paminsan pag may chance tas darating 'yung araw na andun ka na mismo? 
Parang sa crush o taong gusto mo, dati hanggang tingin ka lang tas biglang jowa mo na pala. JOWA talaga. hahahaha. 

Anyway, my Villa Escudero and love analogy is excused. Why? Because a love like Senying and Charing's is the kind of love I hope for. Chos. Di ko talaga alam kung bakit siningit ko 'yan. :))

Day Tour na! Dami ko pa sinasabi eh.

For your guide here below are what you're experiencing when you avail Villa Escudero's Day Tour Package:

Welcome drink, museum tour, carabao cart rides, use 
of outdoor recreational facilities and lunch at the waterfalls (weather dependent), and a Cultural show at 2:00 – 3:15 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & selected Holidays. (Got this from their Facebook page)

This is the reception area. Upon arrival, each guest is given a welcome drink and a stub.
The first attraction you'll visit when you enter Villa Escudero is the AERA Museum. Yes, it looks like a church but it is a museum. According to our guide, it is a replica of a long-gone church in Intramuros.

Taking pictures inside the museum is strictly prohibited. The museum houses a vast collection of statues of saints, weaponries, national costumes of different countries, preserved animal carcasses etc. As in sa sobrang extensive ng collection, kung sakaling magkatotoo ang Night at the Museum at nasa loob ako nito.. baka kailanganin niyo kong dalhin sa mental hospital kinabukasan. Hindi lang dahil nabuhay 'yung mga collections kundi dahil sa isang banda, may gera tas mamaya may mga manika, may mga hayop, may mga lumang tao ganyan.
(Baka iniisip mo dyan, wala pa nga e para na kong baliw pano pa kaya pag totoo na? Alam ko. huhuhu. Bigyan ng straight jacket.)

 If there were some things that made me say OMG; they're the love letters that Don Arsenio Escudero sent his wife, Dona Rosario Escudero.

There was something like,

Para sa'yo Charing na kabiyak ng aking puso,

Kananabikan ko na ang pagdating ng bawat araw...

Kinabisado ko yan eh! Nakalimutan ko na nga lang. Tsktsk. Inagos ata ng Labasin waterfalls. Hahaha. Pero sweet talaga. Huhuhu. A love like theirs please. HAHAHAHA. There really is something with handwritten letters, no? Dati rati ayoko talaga ng mga ganyang bagay pero anyare sakin? huhuhu :((( Gusto ko ng bumalik sa normal. :((
Tama na paghuhugot.

Our guide told us that this, too, is a museum which shall open sometime within the year. Parang ako, "Ah ganun ba, Kuya? Sige, babalikan ko na lang 'yan."
World War II mementos.
All of these are real.  
This is the residence/ancestral home of the Escudero's.
Guests are not allowed to enter though.
Outside the house is statue of Don and Donya Escudero and this is the inscription. 

You have two ride options to get to the main resort area. First, ride the  carabao cart which is slower but has more province feels. Second, ride an electric car which is faster but has more modern feel (DUH). In both of these rides, Philippine costumes clad singers shall serenade you. 
Off to the waterfalls we go.

Arsenio Escudero Hydroelectric Plant

It was said that Don Escudero built this Power Plant (First in the Philippines) to supply the energy needed for their coconut plantation business. This plant is no longer used but is well-preserved.
Ito na!

I suggest that you change into more comfortable clothes before going here. It's an open area so what can you expect? You're really into sun exposure when you eat here. This area opens at 11 AM and closes at around 2:30 PM so sakop ang high noon. Also, even if you won't swim it's impossible not to get wet especially if you're taking a picture near the Labasin Falls and if you walk like me (Sa sobrang galing ko maglakad, pati t-shirt ko natatalsikan ng tubig). Meron pa ngang iba na kumakain ng basa. Umuupo kasi sila dun sa falls. Huhuhu. Ang sarap ng ganun please! Pagbalik ko talaga, magbabasa din ako dyan.

Take extra care of your belongings when you're here. Konting mali lang, baka ma-goodbye gadgets kayo.
This, for me, is Villa Escudero's main attraction.

Unique experience plus eat-all-you-can lunch? Lamnadiz!
Meron fishes dun sa inaapakan. Medyo late ko na narealize. hahaha. Don't worry magaling umiwas ang mga isda.
All the food they served tasted delicious.
 These are just some of the options.

Imagine eating these while your feet are submerged in a cool and flowing water (medyo lagpas ankle-deep ang level ng tubig)... My golly, dizizdalyf ang peg.
Sarap ng suka!
This part is more shaded compared to that part near the falls. There are three buffets in the area.
After eating our lunch, it was time to explore the whole resort.
Just like what is said above, there is a Philippine Experience Show.
This show is a combination of Philippine Folk Dances.
You may also swim in the pools.
There are cottages available too for those who prefer overnight trips.

Check their website here for room rates. 
This is the Labasin Lake. Ito 'yung pinanggalingan nung tubig na umaagos sa Labasin Falls. Guests are also allowed to experience bamboo rafting. Pero! this is 30 ft. deep. I also wanted to try this but the line was so long when we went there. Maybe next time. :))
There are also bicycles for rent
P 100.00/hour

Ugh, medyo pinangarap ko kasi dati na mag-bike sa probinsiya. hahahaha. Mga simpleng pangarap na unti-unting natutupad ang peg. :))
Exploring the whole resort was made easier through biking. Yes, there are carabao rides but it somehow felt better to explore the area at my own phase.
You'll also find these statues(?) na nagliligawan to make you feel forever alone. JOKE! Hahaha.

Since a lot of people started to leave by 4 PM and the "road" got busier, we returned our bikes and cleaned ourselves 'cause we were also leaving at 5 PM. 

Mahirap na magbike ng ganung oras kasi maraming dumadaan kaya marami na ring alikabok sa paligid.

Thought of the best way to wash our feet...
We went back to Labasin Falls!
Mas malakas 'yung agos ng tubig nung hapon.

Before leaving, the driver took us to this chapel first.

We learned that houses surrounding this chapel belong to the workers of Villa Escudero. The Escudero family lends them the land. 
Interior of the church.
Mukhang may salamin pero waley!
And my last Villa Escudero selfie.



Mondays to Wednesdays
Adults P1250
Half rate P625 (Children below 4 feet)

Thursdays to Sundays & Holidays
Adults P1400
Half rate P700 (Children below 4 feet)

With so much to do, super sulit! Thumbs up na thumbs up.

Everything. The view, food, service and the weather were all perfect.

Touring Villa Escudero is a mixture of historical, cultural, culinary, environmental and sports tour. Hahahaha. K. Di ko na rin alam sasabihin ko.  Basta. Go na. :)

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