Kamay Ni Hesus at Lucban, Quezon

Kamay ni Hesus Shrine/Grotto is a well-known pilgrimage site especially during the Lenten Season so I consider this trip there an early sacrifice for 2014's Holy Week. 

We were there last April 2012 link: here. Click on the link should you like to have an idea on the massive number of pilgrims that visit the site during Holy Week. :)

Here's the map of Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church with Father Faller.
Inside the church, you'll find these signs that are very helpful especially for first timers. DUH
There it is.
The challenge mountain.
Would you dare climb this hill to get to the 50 ft. statue of Ascending Christ? I did and managed to successfully climb it for the third time. hihi. 
A new development.
This now covered court was still an open space last 2012.

Since a lot of believers go to this place to attend the healing mass, the church space is usually not enough for everyone so this covered space is of great help. 
Let Go and Let God
Picture before entering the Garden of Eden.

Climbing essentials (pick yours): water! umbrella! sarong! shades! comfortable footwear and clothes! camera!

faith! courage! determination!

It's not easy. I tell you. It's not.

Okay. Two years ago, it was. I'm really unhealthy now. huhubells.

We should really exercise, guys. Kailangan ko na talaga. Magpu-Pulag pa 'ko someday hello! Tas ito lang, hirap na hirap na ko. Anyaaare. -_-
Of course, this place isn't only for picture taking and just so you can show everyone you made it.

The main purpose of this hill/grotto is to pray and reflect. Stations of the cross kasi 'yan paakyat until Resurrection.
Ready. Set. Go

Keribells na Keribells ang 310 steps. Bakaaaa. Hahaha. 
Hinga hinga hinga hingal na hingal
Pwede ba ma-zoom?

F.Y.I If you're from Quezon City or somewhere near Q.C., Father Faller holds healing mass regularly (every 3rd Tuesday morning) at Buklod ng Pag-ibig Healing Center in Balete Drive Extension, New Manila.
Link: here.

Commuting Directions to Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Shrine:

You have two route options in going there. 

One is passing through the towns of Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan, Cavinti and Luisiana Laguna then the next town is already Lucban, Quezon. This route has a shorter travel time but you're going to pass on a zig zag road of Sierra Madre mountain range.

Here's the view:

Second is going to Lucena, back ro Tayabas then Lucban. 

Dahil commuting directions 'to nga, ride a provincial bus bound to Lucena Grand Central Terminal and from there, you can ride a jeepney that would take you to Lucban. 

Na-try ko na 'to before, we were staying at a house in Tayabas so sakay ng jeep pa Lucban, sabihin na bababa ka sa Kamay Ni Hesus/Grotto. Alam na ni driver 'yun. Dumadaan talaga 'yung jeep sa harap nitong simbahan. 

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