USA 2016: Los Angeles and Hollywood Boulevard

Wait na lang for the second post. Better Griffith observatory but the Hollywood walk of fame is at the end of this post. Drama lang ung first part. :)))

'Cause for the longest time, I was wondering what is so "great" with Los Angeles. Rationalization. Ganyang phase. HAHA

 Don't get me wrong, finding that out wasn't my main motive why I went to the USA. It just happened that I was "blessed" to experience Los Angeles four times while living in Vegas. Yup, met two people who willingly drove for more than 8 hours (8 hours kasi back and forth) just so we can visit Los Angeles and Sta. Monica. Hehe.

Mixed emotions.
Of enjoyment because I'm finally there, of looking at everything I was replaced with, of hoping yet not hoping to see you.
Maybe fate will be generous with us and lets our path cross in this lifetime once again.
Or maybe it knows better.
Cause we did not.
We are better off this way.
No use watering a dead plant.
You can't revive something that has long lost its life.

I'm thankful for those months.

With all the places I went to, with all the people I met, and with everything that happened - I really wanted to stay. 


I fell in love with a place. 


You are not one of the reasons why.

It's not an issue of who took someone out of the equation.
It's not an issue of forgetting and regretting everything that happened.

It's the acceptance that we're living our lives away from each other and without each other.
Us whom grew far from the "us" who shared hopes and promises.

Us whom no matter how much we deny, aren't the same persons anymore.
It was something to able to see this in person after all the pictures you sent me.

It was something to drive around a place I know you're always driving at.

It was something to be finally at the same city with you again.

It was something though that I wasn't turning my head in hopes of seeing you.

It was something that I had no memories of you in a place that have and will always remind of you. 

Going to Los Angeles even if I was apprehensive.

Was something needed for me to confirm that I've moved forward.

I was no longer hurting. 

That the feeling of being replaced was just an excuse I kept making myself believe because I didn't want to accept it.

I welcomed that little sadness but I have also welcomed the fact that I have accepted that you will no longer be a part of my future journey. That letting go of you is the only way that the person who would give me the kind of love I deserve will have a space in my heart when the right time comes.
You were in one of those buildings.

So close but I intentionally didn't give you a heads up.

It's not that I didn't care nor because I hate you - it was unnecessary.

'Cause albeit being geographically close, my heart was too far away from you.

I've quit hoping long before I flew thousands of miles away from home.

 I've stopped thinking of the possibility of being with you again. 

I've given the closure to myself  'cause I needed it, cause it was unhealthy to hold onto something/someone that couldn't make me feel secure. 

We both know the level of indecisiveness that we've gone through. 

But within three months, I've thought things over.

The gray area became black and white. 

  I've let go of "us."

I just liked looking back at what we had because we were forced to stop even before we began and that had always left me wondering.

You were always my maybe, my what if, my what should've been...

This time...

No more what if.

No more maybe.
No more someday.

We were not together but there I was seeing the sunset at your side of the world.

You can't even guess how grateful I am for that moment. 

You can't even guess how happy I am that one of your wishes for me turned to be that ultimate driving force to power my "dreams" for my life. 

Dreams you're not a part of. 
It was beautiful.

But you can't stop the sun from setting.

All you can do is to watch its light disappear before our eyes.

We can't force something to stay when it's time for that to go. 

It was magical. 

But there's no use holding onto something that has long ended. 

We can't force something that's not possible anymore.

Let's not get stuck with the idea that the past was everything we asked for cause, like us, it was imperfect.

In short, mag move on na tayo. As in for real. Nostalgia na lang 'yan. Huwag mo na ko kausapin. Huwag mo na ko guluhin. Huwag ka na magbasa rito para maghanap kung nasaan 'yung bahagi ng kwento mo. Hindi sa'yo umiikot mundo ko. Kung uulit-ulitin mo sa'kin na para sa closure na deserve ko? Bakit ngayon pa? At para lang alam mo, 'yung closure na matagal kong hiningi sa'yo na hindi mo man lang naisipan ibigay, BINIGAY KO NA PARA SA SARILI KO. PARA MATAHIMIK NA AKO. I was never mad at you for making choices that you think were right for you, nagagalit ako kasi pinapamukha mong ako 'yung may pagkukulang lalo na kung ikaw naman 'yung unang bumitaw. Hindi ko ginagawa lahat ng 'to para mag habol.

Kung ikaw lang rin, wag na lang.

CHARRRRR. K. Bat ang drama, world?! Pag pasensiyahan niyo na kasi may babaeng nagmo-move on rito at 'yung isa naman, medyo stalker mode bigla kaya ayan, open letter para sa kanya kasi palagi siya nagbabasa rito para mag-feeling na tungkol sa kanya mga nakasulat dito. Pero okay, sige, marami naman talaga tungkol sa kanya pero sige rin kasi huli na 'to. Hindi ko maintindihan kung anong silbi ng mga pagtatanong mo kung alam natin na wala ng pag-asa kung ano man meron sa connection na 'to. Well, sana maintindihan mo na. Hindi ako naghahabol. Lalong hindi ako nagpapamiss. Hinayaan ko na lang kaya hayaan mo na lang din ako. 

Tama na hugot, Tintin...

Griffith Observatory is one of the places where you can see the Hollywood sign. Party in the USA ba ito?! HAHA!

 It's visible almost anywhere in LA 'cause it's in a mountain but this is one of the famous area for taking pictures with it. Sige na nga, of it kasi hindi naman kita masyado. haha but if you have better cameras, you may. :))

You can trek there though for a closer look. 

We weren't able to go in the Observatory the first time but I have pictures of some of things you'll see there in my second Los Angeles post. 'Yung post na okay na. 'Yung hindi emo. HAHAHA.

Overlooking the City of Angels

So after Griffith Observatory, we went to Hollywood Boulevard.
Sayang di ako bumili ng souvenirs ng best place on Earth. Haha

Okay sana 'yung I survived LA. HAHAHA. LA HEARTBREAK NA AKALA KONG MALALA, HINDI NAMAN PALA. Praning ko lang ng very light.

Back then still didn't know that I'll be able to go to Disneyland in Anaheim. Hihi

Living in Vegas for weeks before going here, I was kinda disappointed with what I saw in Hollywood Boulevard. 'Yun na talaga 'yun?

But Hollywood is Hollywood.

It's just that if you're a first timer, go to Hollywood first before going to Las Vegas Strip. ahaha.
Okay pa rin. <3 Experience.
I find it hard to look for the star of someone I know. Hahaha

Oops, I did it again. I played with your heart. Charuuuu. 
Thank you. <3
This was taken at TCL Chinese Theater in along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hihi. Got kilig when I saw this in Legoland and I recognized the place 'cause I've been there rather than recognizing it because I saw pictures. hehe. 
And this is me walking away from him... again. 


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