Macau Beyond Casinos: Afternoon Tea at Revolving Restaurant and Observation Deck Ticket

This was the only time we splurged on food during our whole stay in Macau. 

I initially thought that I'd appreciate Macau especially Cotai Strip because it's considered the Las Vegas of Asia. However, the thing that I liked the most when touring around was the significant Portuguese influence you can experience there. That mix of culture was very interesting, tbh.

Although there are a lot of overlooking places in Macau, Macau Tower is definitely the best if you wanna see a 360 view of Macau and even the border of mainland China. 

There are parts of the observation deck where you'll be walking on top of a glass floor. Only the first step is scary, you'll get a hang of it after some time. 


After roaming around the observation deck, we went to the restaurant for our afternoon tea.

They offer eat-all-you-can for dinner and lunch but we opted for the afternoon tea because of our itinerary. Not bad! Since you eat the food slowly, you actually feel full plus, we were there to enjoy the view anyway. 

Had several servings of their milk tea which was unlimited. So good!

One of the main thing you'd notice when you're up there is the haziness of the place. It didn't feel polluted when we were walking but you'd notice the smog from the restaurant. 

Aside from the bungee jumping, sky walk is also offered in this building. Both activities were way out of budget so we just looked at them. AHAHA!


Lisboa is really one of the more prominent building in this area.

From anywhere in Macau, you can ride a bus to get here if you're not coming from a casino where there's free service.
The routes you can choose from are 5, 5AX, 9A, 18, 18B, 23, 26, 32 and N2.

From here, we waited for a free shuttle bus that took us to Cotai Strip. 

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