USA 2016: Santa Monica Beach, California

Before I left for the states, I saw Santa Monica Pier when my cousin's son was playing with GTA. Haha. I was like, "Pupunta ko dyan!" Not even knowing how. Well, all the places I went to, I didn't know naman din how will I go.

What happened here was a Kuya I got to know and talked with for several times approached me and he was like, "Uuwi ka na sa Pilipinas?" 

I jokingly answered him, "Oo!! Di mo pa ko pinapasyal, uuwi na ko." Hahaha. Then from there, we kinda talked our free days out and he drove me and two of my girl friends to California! hihihi. That is more than 8 hours of driving in one day!! Someday, I'll have even more resources so I can bless other people too. 'Yung ako naman ang magpapasyal sa iba. Hihi. 

Left home in Nevada before 6 AM but we still experienced California rush hour.

After living in Vegas for weeks without experiencing heavy traffic, it was really a challenge not to complain... now think about how I feel whenever I get stuck in the horrendous traffic here in Manila?! Huhuhuhu.

Pano natin 'to napagtya-tyagaan?!

I mean, these days I kept on thinking about the time that is wasted on traffic congestions. Sayang!!! Sobrang sayang!!! 'Yung oras na worthwhile sana e napupunta sa wala. 
Santa Monica<3
 Finding some place to park the car at.
From the parking space we got, we walked towards the beach area.

It was a different feeling to be here. 

It was sunny but the air was cold. 
Santa Monica babyyyyyyy. 
My X tan line in my foot was already kinda visible in here. Hala, when did it get so dark?! E June 1 kami ata nagpunta rito. So sa San Diego lang siya nangitim? :(

 haha. My skintone got darker eventually from all the lakwatsa for three months and I still have that very obvious X mark in both my feet til now. But yea, be proud of our skin color! Haha!
The water was cold and I wasn't in the mood to swim hence, me in this attire. :)))
Sta. Monica Pier.

Better to go to a place once right than spend several times talking about it? EUROPE. NORTHERN LIGHTS. SOUTH KOREA. JAPAN PLEZ. 
Pacific Park Rides


Pacific Park Labas haha! 
There's no entrance fee in here. As in you can just go there and swim.

And look how far the establishments are from the shore!!! Sana ganyan din sa Pinas. :(

Not the most beautiful beach I've been to but heck, it's still Santa Monica!!! Hahaha. GTA's Santa. Monica. California's Santa Monica!! And there was some dolphin ata or seal that swam near the coast. 

We don't have beaches in Vegas - we don't even have a lot of natural water forms there, it's a part of the Mojave Desert so beachgoers will still have to drive or fly out to California.  

Inclusive talaga nung pronoun eh. Us, Our, We, HAHAHAHA. Yes, Vegas. Whether you like it or not, you'll always be one of my homes away from home.
Walked along the shore for 30 minutes :))

Got that summer feeling in the US. hihi
And the obligatory write your name on the sand photo. 
Haaay. <3
Finally got see it in person!! :))
California Dreaming <3

California Walking <3

I shall be back!


California Working!!! <3


Las Vegas Working pa rin!!

So, California Touring! Or US Touring na lang kaya para mas masaya? haha. 
K. May sense. 
Bye, Sta. Monica Pier!!
FYI. There's no lottery in Nevada hahaha so when we passed by Barstow we purchased a powerball ticket telling each other that if we win, we'll buy a beach house too.


Tuloy ang plano and so much more pag naka-jackpot. Tumataya pa rin si Kuya at may balato pa rin kami pag nanalo siya hahaha! At gusto ko na rin tumaya ng lotto dito sa Pilipinas. Hahaha. #parasaekonimiya #parasaworldtour :)))

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