Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yummy Eats 2013

During the last post, I said that I'll just be updating this blog sometime in June but because I wasn't able to go to Sofitel this afternoon might as well use this (idle) time to catch up on posts.  It would have been my fourth time but too late to regret not going or not making habol.... Tsk.

Anyways, here's a super late post of what happened when my friend and I attended Yummy Eats 2013.
My first ever food tasting even experience and definitely not the last... of course, if another opportunity exists.

Since it would be difficult to describe each dish that I was able to sample, I'll just post here the pictures of all the foods I had. Woo, thank God for my expanding stomach... or not because it has become more and more difficult to lose weight. haha!

And here my food passport that is almost full after almost five hours of non-stop eating. I seriously had a blast. Aside from the Annual Pyrolympics in MOA, this is the next annual event that I'd look forward to. Yummy Eats 2014, I'm waiting... :))

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Masatami (MOA and Robinson's Magnolia)

And then I realized that I haven't posted these here yet. 
Well, come to think of it I've got loads of backlogs (Two of which are events! ^_^) that I haven't had the time and will to post but I shall... soon enough. Maybe by next month?? Hehehe. 

I had my first ever Masatami Shaved Ice in their MOA branch a few weeks back. It was a bittersweet experience, sweet because of the new find and kind of bitter because of the service.

Nag-order ako ng Shaved Ice tapos sobrang tagal tawagin 'yung pangalan ko. Nung nagpunta ko dun sa Ate, saka lang sinabi na mali kasi 'yung nasulat nila kaya hindi pa nila ginagawa. Ugh, kung walang nagtatawag ng pangalan, hindi sasama 'yung loob ko. Ano ba naman 
'yung tawagin ako kasi andun naman na 'yung pangalan ko para tanungin kung ano nga ba ulit 'yung gusto ko.

Looking at it, I thought this would be so sweet but the milk on top balanced the sweetness. It was just right.

After several weeks, went to Robinson's Magnolia and their branch in RM redeemed what happened in MOA. :))

I ordered Swiss Cheese for a change.
Perfect. :))

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mezza Norte (Moves to Trinoma)

Until now I still remember my first ever midnight food affair when we visited Banchetto in Ortigas several years back, that time my eyes glimmered seeing the wide array of available of foods not to mention that it being a "midnight" banquet made it more special. I don't remember what time we left home but I am sure we went home past midnight. Up until today, weekend food markets still hold a special place in the hearts of all foodies. And... here's another one. 

I've been at Mezza Norte once when it was still in Technohub not to eat but to hang-out with some friends. Link: here

Fast forward to December last year when I first visited Mercato in BGC, another weekend night food market where I fell inlove with Salted Caramel (because of Merry Moo to be specific).

Anyway, MN's now closer and more commute-able kahit gabihin. So yey!

I wasn't in the mood to eat some more that night and I just wanted to check the place out but we still bought some.

Here, below, are the pictures:

:) :) :) 

:) :) :)

:) :) :) :)

Wala na yata kong panlasa that night because of too much foods so pardon the way I rated. hahaha!

Don't worry MN, I'll be back soon with enough stomach space to pig out. :))

Friday, May 17, 2013

Johnny's Chicken: The "Fried" of Marikina

But we ate this in Eastwood, Libis. 

We were walking around Eastwood Cybermall to look for something to eat, and I saw a Trip Advisor sticker in JC's door, similar with that of Dong Bei Dumplings in Binondo. Since DBD, I've been looking for TA stickers already especially on those restaurants that I'm not familiar with; that's some sort of assurance for me that I'm off to good food. 

And it didn't disappoint. 

Their chicken is just like Max's, though I don't like their ketchup. It has a strong taste of star anise, a taste my palate doesn't appreciate ever. 

Shrimp with broccoli in oyster sauce

Masarap daw. 

All in all, both of these viands taste good. It's just that they're so normal foods to me, there isn't much to describe and tell.

Ace Waterspa and Buffet

I haven't seen a beach this whole summer time, I've been out swimming in pools (two times to be exact) but as much as I wanted to go on (at least a day in) a beach, it's just not possible. So there, with my friends, whom I had days of Caramoan planning with, went to Ace Waterspa in Kapitolyo Pasig for a four hours waterspa! And I must say that it's kind of addicting that I already have another day (hopefully!) in Ace set with a different group of friends. Hahaha!

Strictly no cameras allowed so this was taken from the viewing area.

I am a self-confessed camera buff (if that compound word exists) so I can say that a part of me suffered for the first few minutes when I entered the spa area. But heck, because it was too much, as in, too much fun. Whatever, cam. :))
It'll be hard to describe the whole experience so I'd just enumerate what I think were my favorite parts.

1. Lazy River
2. Rainfall acupuncture

3. Sauna
4. Herbal pool (Rose in 38 degrees Celsius, I also liked lavender but it's way too hot in 40 degrees Celsius. Feeling Goldilocks lang in finding which temperature and scent I want best.)
5. Cold dip (Hypothermia feels, dipping more than a minute may already numb your body)

Try to go there during non-peak hours for a more relaxing stay.

P 550.00/per person
You know the feeling when you're so hungry everything as in everything just looks good? Hunger unleashes the glutton in you. hahaha.

Since Brgy. Kapitolyo has a lot of restaurants we initially wanted to walk and look for a resto but as we saw the selections in Ace.
"Ano, tara?"

Eating at their buffet when we've spent the last four hours sweating and  trying to burn calories somehow made us regret after. I actually lost 5 pounds (of water) but because of the foods, I think I gained more than what I had lost. Well, whatevs. This might be the last buffet I'd be having in a while.

P 605.00/person for a dinner buffet. 

As I've said, I have another Ace Waterspa Set sometime in the fourth week of May but this might be the last buffet post. Might. hahaha! 

Wearing of bathing suit was the reason why it took me so long before I got to visit Ace Waterspa eventhough I had known the existence of their Banawe branch for years. I just don't have the confidence to walk around wearing one but I can now. Not to mention that they have no mirrors in the spa area so guests will not be too conscious with how they look. :))

Someday, Ace Hotel. I'll see you someday too.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Halalan '13

Prove us wrong. Please lang.

'Yung panahon natin ngayon, kakaiba na eh. Imbis na maginhawaan ka pagkatapos mong maligo, lalo kang mapapawisan. Anyway, kaunting kwento mula sa eleksyon na naganap kahapon bilang kawawa naman 'tong blog na 'to, hindi na naa-update dahil sa pagtitipid ng may-ari at medyo diet daw siya (Joke. Pera, lapit ka nga!!!)

Nag-edit nga ko ng picture na umaapoy na 'yang upuan na 'yan sa sobrang init ng kwarto. haha. Apoy mula sa init ng kwarto at sa init ng ulo ng iilang taong nasa loob nito... sana sa init ng damdaming naghahangad ng pagbabago na lang.

Walang electric fan dun sa presintong pinag-botohan ko at mahigit isang oras lang naman akong naghintay, malala pa dyan nagkakainitan na ng ulo 'yung ibang tao.


Masasabi ko lang, hindi ako masaya sa naging resulta nung eleksyon. Ayoko sa karamihan ng mga nahalal pero anong magagawa ko naman, di ba? Kundi umasa na sana, sana, sana, sana, sana prove us wrong!

I write better in Filipino than in English but in this blog, I really find it hard to express myself in pure Filipino. Why is that?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Korean Restaurants: Nal Di Mok & Mat Gal Ne Jib

I finally have the will to post these here. Hehehe

It's been a while, Samgyeopsal!

Here's a combined blog post of my two consecutive Saturday dinners.

First is Nal Di Mok in DLSU, or maybe I should say Rizal Stadium area 'cause that's closer. You'd have to walk in a street there. (Sorry, that time I wasn't really taking note of where we were) This is just a small restaurant in that area because the first we went at didn't have samgyeopsal for that day and that's our favorite so we had to move.
Here's the samgyeopsal while being cooked. Actually we always get disappointed with the quantity of pork being served whenever we eat in a Korean resto. As in always.

"Huh? Dalawang order na 'yan?" 

We ordered two kinds of Korean dishes with soup (chigae) and we were shocked because what we thought were soups for sharing ended up that it's only good for one person. Look how small the container is, that's already P 250.00 with rice.

We weren't happy with what we ordered because of the quantity knowing we eat a lot. The owner must have noticed that, she gave us free orders of kimbap, another soup and yellow watermelon for dessert. Shemay, our happiness level increased because of the freebies. Hahaha.

While eating, a friend suggested maybe we should try another restaurant which has unlimited samgyeopsal for P 300.00/person the next Saturday and we did.
Here are the sidedishes at Mat Gal Ne Jib.
Again, I wasn't taking note of where this was but it's in front of St. Giles hotel somewhere in Makati.
Unlimited Samgyeopsal? Challenge Accepted.

While the Samgyeopsal is okay since it's eat-all-you-can, it's the service that made us frustrated.

The servers were seriously not paying attention to us. It's disappointing especially when we saw one even grilling the pork on other tables. We weren't asking for that much, we only wanted refills. One of our friends even had to get up and get the lettuce and banchan from the counter herself and when she did, one lady asked her to sit down. As if she's going there if they served us well. We were also water deprived and last but not the least, two of us didn't went for the unli-samgyeopsal though we initially included them in the count. But before we begin, we already told the servers that we wanted to cancel the other two and they didn't allow us. I wonder why. That P 600.00 that went to nothing.

But IDK, I might give this another chance.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Swensen's: The Ultimate Sundae Experience

My friend talked me to try Swensen's, since the heat is really really really intense, I gave in. You know that feeling when you have no appetite in eating rice then indulge in ice creams? That is what has been happening to me lately! I say yes to all ice creams. Like, all! 

We had to wait for a while for available seats because the place was packed when we arrived.

Actually, it's my first time eating in a legit ice cream parlor Hahaha! Those places are always what I snob before since I can just satify the craving with a Sundae Mcdo, right? But now that I'm in a serious relationship with food and restaurant hopping, maybe it won't hurt to try more expensive ice creams once in a while.

I initially wanted to order the one with waffle but it wasn't available then so I settled with 
Hot Fudge Bonanza Split

I really enjoyed this one!!
I might order something bigger next time. A scoop was, to be honest, bitin!

I asked the friend to take me to Eastwood branch too. Hahaha! Let's see. :))

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hi, May and Vote Wisely!

Sino pa nga ba sa'tin ang hindi nakakaramdam na nangangampanya na naman ang mga pulitiko?

Panahon na naman ng pagbibigay ng mga pangakong mapapako, mga pansariling intensyon, at pagluluklok ng mga pulitikong gagawin ang lahat para mangurakot sa kaban ng bayan. Oh joke!

Panahon na naman ng bagong pag-asa, na sana e 'yung mga mauupo sa pwesto ay talagang karapat-dapat mahalal. Hindi puros pang-sarili, higit sa lahat uupo sa pwesto na may magagawa para sa'tin lahat.

Taga-District 6 ako ng Quezon City, at dahil bagong distrito (mula sa district 2-B) kami e puros baguhan ang mga tumatakbong konsehal. Saka na 'yan.

Let's focus on the national elections. Exercise your right to vote! Wag ibenta ang hinaharap ng bayan para sa isang bote ng softdrinks at pangload! Di ka pa ba napapagod sa klase ng gobyernong meron tayo? Popularity contest, e.

"People get the government they deserve!"

Pakita natin sa mga bumibili ng boto na we deserve better. Much more than the money they'd be buying our votes for! :)

Suriin natin ang mga kandito ng maigi, at sana makahanap tayo ng mga taong may malinis na intensyon.

Ito, sa ngayon, ang mga senador ko.

1. Hagedorn
2. Hontiveros
3. Gordon
4. Enrile
5. Trillanes
6. Villanueva

Kulang pa 'ko ng anim para sa Senado. At kulang pa ko ng tatlo para sa distritong botohan pero hindi ko na iisa-isahin kung sino boboto ko sa District 6.

May suhestyon ka ba sa kung sino ang dapat ko pang iboto sa pagka-Senador?  :)

At sa partylist: Greenforce #128

Ehehehe, sabihin na natin na gusto kong tulungan ang greenforce sa pangangampanya nila. Baka may maitulong 'to. :)) Pero higit pa dyan, gusto kong maniwala na magagawa nila ng mahusay ang mga adhikain nila.

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