Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tuesday is Unli-Pizza Day at Papa John's!

However, next Tuesday (July 30), is the last day unless they extend this promo again throughout August.

Priced at P 225.00 per person with a glass of soda. It's okay for an eat-all-you-can pizza, especially if you eat like moi.
If you've eaten in Papa John's before, I'm pretty sure you're familiar with this garlic butter sauce. Make your pizza and/or pizza crust more special by dipping it first here.


Can you guess how many pizza slices will I be able to eat?



Garden Fresh

Fisherman's Catch





My stomach's indeed expanding whenever I'm eating in at eat-all-you-can.

Gora na sa Papa John's on Tuesday and let's see who can eat more. ^_^

5 PM - 9 PM

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Savings Account and Debit Card vs. Prepaid Card vs. Credit Card

Even reading a boring book wasn't able to make me sleepy.

Disclaimer: Wala pa 'ko masyaodong alam pagdating sa ganitong bagay. Based on experience 'to halos! 

Taglish ulit tayo ngayon, ang hirap mag-isip. ;) 

I have accounts on three local banks specifically Banco de Oro, BPI Family Bank and EastWest Bank.

Pati sa Savings Account ko may compartmentalization e noh? Haha!

1. I've had my BDO account way before I started this blog so it's understandable that I don't have a blog post for that but I maintain an account with a passbook and atm card. (Kabayan Savings 'to kaya P 50.00 lang ang ADB kung may remittance ka at least once a year.)

2. I've had my BPI Family Savings Bank account since March.

3. And my latest bank account from Eastwest Bank which I opened today.

What is the common denominator? All of them have low maintaining balance.
Kasi kung sa kagaya ko na hindi pa talaga stable ang pasok ng pera pero infairness, consistent na lumalabas! Malaking tulong 'yung hindi ka kakabahan na mag-fall ka below ADB eh. Saka hindi malaki 'yung kailangan mong pera bago makakuha ng interest 'yung ipon mo.

When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.

 Oh, ako teacher ngayon! Ready ka ba sa isang mahaba-habang kwentuhan?

Monday, July 22, 2013

EastWest Bank's Basic Savings Account

 The link of EastWest Bank's Website: here

Earn big savings from small beginnings! 

Bakit kailangan magbukas ng Savings Account? link: here.

I opened another account just after four months of opening my Easy Saver Account in BPI Family Bank. I have my reason for doing so (read after the break) and I've been wanting to open this account since two weeks ago but I only found the time to go to the bank this afternoon.

The reasons why this S.A. is worth considering:

1. Low initial deposit and maintaining balance
With only P 100.00, you can have your own Savings Account. 

2. With P 500.00 in your account, your money would already start earning interest. 
That's 0.25% in EastWest.

3. It comes with a VISA/Bancnet Debit Card.
I'm sure that you've seen a Visa logo whenever you went to malls or dined at restaurants. This Debit Card can give you the convenience of swiping the card at any VISA accepted POS terminals. No need to withdraw in ATMs.

EDIT: 4. You can use this card to pay your online purchases thru Paypal and to verify your account there too. (Thanks, Jeramy.)


1. P 1
00.00 minimum initial deposit.

2. P 100.00 over-the-counter transaction fees.

EDIT: 3. No charges in P.O.S transactions and Eastwest Bank ATM withdrawals.

I will edit this part again in the future. I am still unaware of other possible charges of this account (i.e How much is the service charge going to be if you'd withdraw from another bank's ATM.) You may comment if you know though.

Initial Deposit

I am now an official EastWest Banker too!

Eastwest Bank Prepaid Card vs. BDO Cash Card: Click here.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Korea Night at MOA Centerstage

Happy Second Anniversary, Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines!

Has it been a year already? :O

So last night, my friends and I went to MOA to watch a Taekwondo performance by TAL and also the finalists for the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival. We got General Admissions  VIP tickets from KCC. Admittedly, the 2nd part we didn't get to enjoy that much because we're not really into K-pop and the intense shouting and cheering for TAL drained all our energy. Not to mention that we haven't eaten our dinner yet. 

 And of all the songs that were played in the Part 2 of the night, we only knew like 5 of them. Hahaha! Just call us the Korean Culture enthusiasts because I don't think we'd ever to shift to K-pop. 

The taekwondo performance? It was daebak. 

TAL is a non-verbal performance combining the techniques of traditional dance, takewondo and some modern day dances. The whole performance brings together the different aspects of traditional and modern Korean culture of music, dance and of course, martial arts.
Excuse the quality of pictures.
I really need to get a new one. Hahaha.

Drumsticks that are on fire?
Lighted drumsticks?
A.K.A live jaw dropping Taekwondo stunts.

The winners!
They're going to Korea to represent the Philippines sometime this year.
Hello there, BB.

 Because Jaejoong and I have a super memorable connection now. (in my case, at least) Seeing him keeps reminding me about that silly thing that came into my mind a few months ago. You know those nights when you suddenly have that desire to do something crazy and put it on the next level by actually doing whatever that idea is. Then... then you're caught unprepared. hahahaha. Ang gulo ko na naman.
A statue of admiral Yi-Sun Sin who is credited for resurrecting Goebukseon (Turtle Ship) from pre-existing designs. It's thought to be an ironclad warship used during the Joseon Dynasty.  He is also famed for his victories against the Japanese army during the war.

I learned about him from the drama, Gu Family Book. I so miss my dose of K-dramas. The free online streaming site which I love and have been using for years has shut down.
Korean Traditional Fance Dance
One of the places in my bucket list: Boseong Green Tea Plantation

I mean what would sound even better to a green tea fanatic, right? And the fact that this green tea plantation is in Korea makes the idea seem more enticing. Someday.... :

I just have this feeling that everything would feel right in Boseong. HAHAHA. Green tea addict much.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SB's Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frap and Outrageous Cheesecake

Today is Splurge Wednesday!

Although I've been anticipating this drink, it wasn't planned that I'd drink this today. Not in the budget so it's definitely out of budget. But okay, for the experience.

The newest pair in Starbucks beverages: Dark Mocha with White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino and Green Tea with Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino.

It's not a surprise (especially if you've been to this blog before) that I am a sucker for matcha. Like what I always tell my friends, "Tara, matcha... kase matcha-rap, matcha-rap, cha, cha, cha, cha" (In the tune of Ryzza's Chacha song.)

I may be a chocolate-lover but Starbucks is synonymous to Green Tea Frap and when I saw SB's post before regarding the launch of these two drinks (which was yesterday
) I was excited.

Venti, P 200.00

The white chocolate pudding gave my favorite drink a twist with its creamy and soft texture. It has enhanced the taste of the green tea frap and it is worth giving a try especially for those who like chewing something while drinking. (WTF. HAHAHAHA. Di ko mapaliwanag, as usual.)

Outrageous Cheesecake
P 130/slice

I loved this cheesecake!
And it looks so fun, doesn't it?  It reminds me of the Christmas season and oh, if you get to see a whole cake, you'd also be reminded of our native delicacy called sapin-sapin.

The cheesecake is rich and creamy with some fruit bits and the colorful top layers are fruit compotes of mangoes, blueberries and strawberries.

Hadn't Amici by Cara Mia changed my views regarding ordering colorful cakes with berry flavors, I wouldn't even think of ordering this one even if I love cheesecake. But so far, since Amici, I am not yet disappointed in any.... hahaha! Lol. 2 pa lang silang natikman ko.

On another note, my waistline is getting outrageously thicker and thicker and thicker. hahaha! Need I say more?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don Day Korean Restaurant (Unlimited Samgyeopsal... again!)

Our birthday treat!

It was our interest in Korea that brought us together in Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines but it's the passion we developed over the year that's making us stay. (Check their Facebook page if you're also interested in learning Korean Language and Culture. Who knows you might develop a new hobby and a talent hahaha too.)

 Our friendship's more than a year old as of this writing but I believe it would last longer and stroger as we continue to achieve bigger and greater things. hahaha. Afterall, we all expected that our contract was going to be terminated after three months but we're still alive and kicking dancing until now. Why does this sound so...

Thanks to the team for a slice of chocolate cake.
My birthday cake last night! hehehe 
I had other things to do so I arrived in Donday at 8PM and they were there since 6 PM.
It's understandable that I was the only one left eating as they share stories.
Lettuce for my samgyeopsal.

Duenjang, Sesame oil with salt and pepper.
And my baboy. hahaha

I was once asked what my favorite Korean cuisine is... and I said that it's none other than Samgyeopsal.

Apart from the reason that it was the first "authentic" Korean cuisine I've tried, there's just this recurring craving I have for Samgyeopsal like almost every month!! Hahaha. 
Our table as we left.

Donday was so packed last night with Koreans and Filipinos but it still satisfied the cravings nonetheless.

For more information, here below are the links of my previous visits:


Friday, July 12, 2013

When enough is enough

Nothing's more insulting than a person who's smiling and laughing at you when you're there pouring your heart out, your eyes already crying a river. 

I, for a lot of times before, was that person who kept on crying a river. I wanted to be heard, I wanted that person to know what were my thoughts were... because for some reason, my mind had this idea that things would change. Perhaps, that person would realize things and try to become better.

And? I've never been so wrong. HAHAHAHA!

Overtime, I got desensitized. Because I realized that for a person who's so arrogant yet so stupid, tears would never work. Because I realized for a close-minded and selfish person, nothing would ever work. Unless that person admits to whatever he/she had done wrong, no eureka moment would ever occur. It's just so sad that that person would never be able to realize the opportunities that were wasted. Dude, life is gradual. Things wouldn't disappear in a blink of an eye. You ignored the signs so get ready for a dead end. A different kind of dead end where you're not allowed to turn back anymore; you've pushed yourself there. TSK. 

Enough is enough when something's no longer doing you good.
Enough is enough when you're the only one trying to make it work.
Enough is enough when you realize that the person hardly even cares... 
What could be worse? That person leeching off you.

I've once said enough and that was it. Wala na kong pakialam e. 
Sa ngayon, wala ng naiwan kundi kaunting pakitang tao kahit hindi naman na dapat. At kaunting concern para sa hindi matuto kaya sobrang frustrated na naman ako ngayon. ANUBER. Parati na lang?

Several years ago, I already made a decision that in order to prevent another insulting moment, I won't shed a tear again. Not now, and not in the near future. Although another effect of that was me not bothering to tell anyone what my thoughts are unless asked. It's totally wrong to include my relationship with other people but I wouldn't want to waste stories for someone who doesn't care. And this is where this blog becomes therapeutic- I don't care whoever gets to read these all that matter is I was able to get these things off my chest.

Kaya nga siguro na ang pinakanakakatakot na makasama e 'yung taong hindi niya alam na mali siya at hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagkakamali niya. At para sa'tin na walang choice kundi pakisamahan ang mga ganyang tao? Hahahaha. Ganyan talaga. Challenge para sa'tin 'yan pero ewan ko, di ko alam kung napagtagumpayan ba o hindi. Napagtagumpayan ko ba kung sabihin ko na ang naging resulta ay apathy? Hahaha. Sana sa batas ng universe e napagtagumapayan ko na, ayoko na ng isang ganyan pa na magtuturo sa'kin ng patience at mas mabilisang pagkaramdam apathy. (Ironic much. Pano makaramdam ng apathy?)

Oh well, as if may gamot para sa isang tanga.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My First Korean Crush: Lee Min Ho

I watched my first English subtitled Korean drama in 2009. That was Boys Over Flowers and who's the main character? Gu Jun Pyo portrayed by Lee Min Ho. Since then, I became a fan and it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Want to know why? A few years later after BOF, I've developed an in-depth desire to learn other things Korean (language, food, culture etc.) In short, I was introduced to an educational and fun hobby. And while doing this "hobby," I got acquainted with some people whom I now consider as some of my closest friends and I was able to do things I've never thought were possible. Now, the connection that Korea and I share is a lot more than having a Korean celebrity as my years long crush. 

And I'm claming it, I shall go to South Korea someday. 진짜 갈거야.

Back to My Everything- the name of Lee Min Ho's Concert in MOA Arena.

While walking towards the MOA Arena, I pointed a double-decker bus to my friend while saying that I've been wanting to ride that the moment I first saw it several months ago.

And guess what? That night, they were offering free rides to Lee Min Ho's concert ticket holders.
Here's to a dream come true! Hahaha!
The concert was already starting when we arrived. We were in the General Admissions area; the farthest of the farthest seats. Surprisingly, there were way more General Admissions people than what we thought.
I won't deny that I was a bit disappointed because the concert didn't last long, the "big" screen wasn't big and bright enough to be seen by those in the Gen. Admissions area and that I couldn't even see his face from where we were seated and even my camera gave up.

When he sang what we thought was the last song, we went outside full of complaints because he didn't even sang SAY YES.  And that's like the main reason why I wanted to watch him live.

So we went down a floor, right? And he started singing again...

and it's SAY YES!

We were in a level lower when I recorded this video, we were then in the Upper Box area. How? Takas. HAHAHAHA!

The minute I watched him perform this song in a youtube video, I've been hoping that I'd see him live.
Yay for another dream come true.

I went home satisfied even after all the earlier complaints just because of this one song and his booty shake. Hahaha! 
Seeing another side of LMH was more than enough consolation for all our disappointments. 
Dami naming hopes kase for Gen. Ad. area eh. ahaha!
And why did our ticket only cost a peso?
Because of a Globe Promo. #gladtobeglobe #uselesshashtag

There was a free Gen. Ad ticket for every purchase of P 500.00 worth of load and a Globe simcard. So far my most sulit one peso ever because it made two of my dreams come true.

Here's to more dreams that would come true in the futuuuuuuuuuuure!

1. 한국에 가기 Hahahahaha. I sound so desperate.

2. 좋은 사람 만나기 hahahahaha!

3.... 4.... 5....


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sbarro's Chocolate and Ricotta Cheese Calzone

I was once eating my lunch with a friend in Sbarro a few months ago when suddenly,

"Why aren't you taking a picture of your food?" - in a manner that somehow irritated me. (Well, I won't deny that on that lunch break we weren't really in good terms... on my side, at least. That's partly a reason why I didn't.)

But the main reason why is because I've eaten at Sbarro for a lot of times already and more often than not, my order is always Baked Zitti in white sauce. That's like asking me to take a picture of a Sundae Mcdo which I've eaten for I guess more than fifty times already.

Taking a snapshot of a food before eating has become a norm that even if the person I'm eating with doesn't know that I blog, he/she won't question why I took a photo of it first before taking a bite but whether or not I'd take a picture of my food, it's my prerogative. And whether or not I review or post something here or any other social networking site, it's my prerogative too. 

Here's another Sbarro lunch out... with a different companion. hahaha! Naisip ko tuloy na palusot lang ako, ayoko lang talagang picture-an 'yon. Joke. May iba kasi akong order this time at natuwa ako sa calzone nila. hehehe

My usual order.
Baked Zitti in White Sauce

Pasta was good as always but the garlic bread wasn't. Unlike my previous visits, this one's hard.

Sausage and Pepperoni Stuffed Pizza

I'm not a fan of their Stuffed and/or Deep Dish Pizza but since the regular Pepperoni Pizza wasn't available that time, we ordered this and spaghetti with meatballs too. We over ordered, I know. There's too much food for two persons but we still managed to eat everything. BWAHAHA.

Anyway, this is okay though I'd choose regular pepperoni slice over this anytime and I loved the sourness of the tomato sauce on top. 
And here's the highlight of my meal.

Their new (is this new?) Chocolate and Ricotta Cheese Calzone.

Calzone is a turnover pizza dough stuffed with various fillings usually including cheese.

When I was looking at the available pizzas in the counter, I saw a picture of this. And without further thinking, I decided to order one just because calzone, chocolate and cheese were in one food name. ahahaha!

The combination of cheese and chocolate is actually new to my palate but I liked it. I've eaten savory calzones but this is my first time to eat a sweet one. I guess anything that has a chocolate in its ingredients would satisfy and make me happy. Hahaha! That's how much I love chocolates... :

 And it somehow reminded me of my then favorite Choco-Mallow Pie in Jollibee only it's cheese and choco this time. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello, July!

칠월, 안녕! 

1. July holds a special place in my heart 'cause it's my birth month. I'm a July baby, babeh! Hahaha. 

But seriously, the only thing that makes July more special than any other month is because I'm a July baby and nothing more. Wala naman masyadong special na nagaganap. Ay ooops, magiging special pala ang July na 'to. Claim lang ng claim! Special ka, July!! Baliw lang? hahahaha

Are you also a July baby? Did you know that we are...

  • prone to having stomach and dieting problems. 
  • forgiving but never forgets. 
  • emotional, temperamental and unpredictable.
  • are fascinated by colors and pictures.
  • love the different tastes of delicious foods and drinks.


2. 이민호 오빠를 다시 볼 거야!

It's so funny that for the longest time they were selling his concert tickets my friend and I who both have a huge crush on him were lackadaisical. I mean, compared to my reaction when I first heard the news that he was coming November last year. I was MEH this time. But lol, last Saturday we thought that we may regret not going so we decided to buy our tickets for the General Admission seats by Wednesday or Friday. OMG. Feel ko solo namin ang Gen. Ad! Hahahaha. Langgam ka na sa paningin namin, LMH! LANGGAM. Oh, poorita days. Hahahaha!

First and Second meeting link: here. Meeting?! hahaha!
What I am expecting him to do link: here.

3. I'll learn to drive later this month or early August.
Basta mag-aaral ako mag-drive.

Kasi naman 'yung traffic situation natin, kalurks!

4. I am thinking of volunteering for PAWS or the Philippine Animal Welfare Society by November or December this year.

 Basta hindi matatapos ang taon na hindi ako volunteer dun. I just can't make my move since my Saturdays are still taken by something else so I wouldn't be able to attend the volunteer orientation. And yea, I'm planning to save first for my PAWS expenses. Not that I'd be needing much money for it but I was back to zero last May eh, I need the next four months to recuperate.

5. Saving/Exercising/Eating

A.K.A My concerns all the time. 
My gulay... ano nerrr?!

I haven't been exercising. For the life of me, I wasn't able to make exercising a weekly must-do. My Saturday mornings are occupied and by Sundays, I couldn't wake up early. HAHAHA! OMG nga.

Saving... MEH.  Slowly but surely. hahahaha! OMG din. Walang magawa kundi slowly eh, alang anda.

Eating... Ito. Ito ang luhong hindi maiwan-iwan. Hahahaha!

6. Last June, I was again told that I am stubborn. 
Well, it's not new. I was only waiting for a few more people to tell me so. 

"Pag gusto niya, gusto niya eh. Pag ayaw niya, ayaw niya." 
HAHAHAHA. K fine. Hindi naman parati ah.

"Sinabi mo ng ayaw mo, 'di ba? Knowing you, ayaw mo na talaga."


Nakalimutan ko na 'yung ibang lines kasi marami na silang nagsabi sa'kin.

Being stubborn isn't all the time a negative trait, only when it's too much can it poison you.

Surprise me, July. I'll wait. :D
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