Homemade Milk Tea

I don't really know why am I stopping myself from buying milk teas. The weirdo me abstains from it but still eat other foods, the weirdo me abstains from it but still doesn't save! I realized that there's no point in whatever this is that I'm doing; I'm not saving money nor losing any weight but I continue depriving myself nonetheless. hahaha

But here it is.

Lipton Brisk Tea (just make it the way you should by dipping the bag in hot water) I heard it's better to use black tea? Or I'd try to find Oolong teas too.

Sugar and milk. I used coffee creamer this time.

Pop the container in a freezer or just add ice.

And now, your milk tea is done and is ready to be enjoyed.

If you like yours with cheese froths, it's just whipped all-purpose cream and cream cheese. Add some sugar or condensed milk and some sossy rock salt too. Ordinary rock salt would do din, super kaunti lang. 

25 bags of brisk tea costs less than P 100.00
creamer/milk and sugar should cost less than P 200.00

That's a total of 25 cups of milk teas for more or less P 500.00 (inclusive of other costs), compared to commercial milk teas that could cost you P 1250.00 (for 50.00/glass) and P 2375.00 (for P 95.00/glass)

Here are cheaper alternatives:
1. Ice cold water (zero calories pa, healthiest and cheap)
2. Plain brisk tea (Don't get me wrong, I love teas. The only problem is the weather, it's getting hotter and hotter again and I don't enjoy hot drinks on a hot day. I have read though before that sipping on something hot is better in improving or lowering your body temperature compared to drinking cold drink. Why? because you sweat but sweat isn't also an option minsan eh. Sticky!)

Baliw lang ako. Di ko talaga alam kung bakit hindi ako nagm-milk tea kasi hindi naman ako naka-ipon at lalong di naman ako pumayat sa pag-iwas! Kaazar lang. Anyayare.

Anyway, I believe that this, too, is L-O-V-E

Not that it tastes so good but because it's a product of hardwork (lol), creative mind (lol lol) and much much much self-control.

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