Meryendads. (Again, again)

Third time!!

Today, officially marks the start of my diet. Hahahaha. I'll be going on a diet for two weeks or for the rest of the year. lol. Whatever, right? I've said that gazillion times already.

What makes this visit different from the rest?

The jewelry store hold-up that happened early tonight at Megamall.

Okay. So in FB there's a check in thing, right? I checked us in so most of my FB friends knew where I was. 

The very first time I used that facebook feature, something bad happened to the place. Ohwells. Not my fault!

Anyway, after eating, we strolled around for about an hour before rushing back to Trinoma 'cause we have to be home at 7PM.

When we got home, a friend retweeted that there was a hold-up at Megamall and the mall-goers weren't allowed to leave the area. At that same moment, someone who saw my check-in post texted me whether or not I was still in Megamall- thankfully, I wasn't anymore. So yeah, I just couldn't imagine the fear or the nervousness the people in there must have felt especially when they heard the gunshots. 

Be ready, you. Mall security's gonna be strict again! But yea, just be patient, it's for you naman!


Happy Birthday to my one and only BB! 
See you very soon!

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