Taco Bell's Grande Meal

Someone sponsored tonight's dinner. Yakimix was the first choice but they're closed for their Christmas Party. Loljk. I know he won't treat there and it's not proper to force him too.

Oh anyway, here is Taco Bell's Grande Meal. My other friends and I also had this exact meal last December worth P 299.00
Two Crispy Tacos, Nachos, Quesadilla, Idk the name of that dessert with choco syrup and two drinks of choice.

We went here after drinking my Gong Cha Choco Caramel so I was quite full I only had like 2 slices of quesadilla and that dessert.

And I actually have to lose weight already. MUST.EAT.LESS...JOKE. 

You shouldn't say no to food especially if it's a treat. :)

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