McCormick Korean Fried Chicken Mix in Soy Garlic

Basta Korean, gusto ko na?? Hindi noh! 

I'll tell you something: 
I was introduced to Bon Chon Chicken in Ayala Triangle first before I met Jaejoongie. Met talaga. Hahaha. I loved the soy garlic chicken prior to liking KimJJ though okay fine, I started watching Kdramas and Jdramas in 2009 but not a member of the fandom until I became a fan of JYJ nor have been into any authentic Korean restaurant until May 2012, here.


I  completely loved my chicken cooked the Korean Style. 
Hello, Bon Chon, Chicken Charlie, Smoper and Manangs! The cravings were always there, isn't it obvious? Good thing I saw this Chicken mix on the racks a few months ago while we were doing grocery. This batter mix and sauce tastes similar with those available in fastfoods.

I am unsure of the price but this one's definitely less than P 50.00. 
No double frying just coat the raw chicken with the batter and deep fry.
Voila! Your home made Korean Style Fried Chicken. 
thigh part bias as always
If fried right, the batter would give you enough crispiness. 
But the sauce kills this. I so so so love the sauce!

There are other variants (Kimchi, Bulgogi and Spicy) though I haven't tasted the others but this one.

I saw a tarpaulin ad of this, these are not the right words but it was something like "Kpop your chicken" I want mine to be, "KJaejoongiefy your chicken." hahahaha. I'm not into the world of Kpop per se but Kdramas and of course, KimJJ though he's actually a part of Kpop. What I am trying to say here is my love for JJ isn't the reason why I appreciated this too. Kain lang ng kain!!

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