Bigoli, Eastwood

Eastwood, bah-beh!
Sorry, super babaw ng kaligayahan ko pero at least diba, natutuwa. 

Kind of excited to go here but like the last time that I went here, it was raining again.
Seriously, rain? 

Nice shot, isn't it? Or not? hahaha

I am aware that Bigoli occupied the space of that Italian restaurant where a friend and I ate too much breadsticks a few years back. They were free and the Ate kept giving us whenever she passed by our seat.

I wasn't expecting loads of garlic breadsticks this time but we were immediately given free breadsticks as we formed our line to order. 

Hey, seriously the best breadsticks ever especially when served hot. Unlimited pa.

Almost a year after, it's Doppio Deligioso once again on a different branch. This was the Valentine's day treat last year, fyi. Time fleets! -_-

The price though is already P 390.00 for all of these. 

Ang masasabi ko lang, 
"Kuya, penge pa ng tinapay!"

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