Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Marikina

Here are some pics of my visit to Vikings at SM Marikina

Are you ready for a Feast from the Sea? :))
I thought I was but apparently I wasn't. hahaha

The selections were so plenty we didn't know where to start. 

Here's my first plate.
Sorry I really have problems when it comes to good plating.

Loved their "talangka fried rice" though I only got a little, it's a buffet so you should skip on rice they make you feel full fast.

Sushi and sashimi, of course.

Cold cuts, cheeses and caviar.
Sorry, fish eggs. -_-
Tenderloin Steak
Tsokolate Batirol
I liked that white cheese (whatever is the name) and almonds.

Just look how full my first plate was and not wanting to get anymore on the last. hahaha
The view from our seat.
Yogurt Soup
Too bad it's not yet frozen.
And the desserts I regret not having.
My stomach can't handle them anymore.

Another serving of yogurt soup (it supposed to be frozen yogurt), chocolate and cheesecake.
Oolong Tea
I didn't even get taste everything, yet I walked out of there with super full stomach.

I used to wonder whether or not paying 888+ for a buffet was worth it, it's more expensive from the usual 400+, right? But seeing the wide selections in Vikings, it's definitely worth it. Really. I was actually so overwhelmed by the choices this time and I stuck with my usual picks. I would love to eat there again to try the other food selections out, there are still so much left to try.

And oh, very accommodating staffs and chefs they have there.

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