St. Pio of Pietrelcina Chapel, Libis, Quezon City

We all have reasons why we pray, right? Whether it is to thank Him, just want Someone to share problems with,  or for asking anything from Him. Probably it's the conversation with Him that matters most. I know He understands a person's heart so well whatever we talk about with Him, He listens. 

I have My God whom I pray and talk to. In my belief, there's an Almighty somewhere out there. But I also believe in Saints as intercessors though I don't know a lot of them. But here's one I recently got re-introduced to; Father Pio of Pietrelcina. Take note: RE-introduced.  Who he is exactly? Google, google din! 

Pictures were taken on the first time I visited the chapel near Eastwood. 
Wish... I wish... I wish for...

We had to wait for more than an hour before we got to touch him.
I actually joked (jokes are half-meant), "dapat kasi sinulat rin nila bawal magdasal eh, hawakan lang!"

Not mocking anyone's faith or belief that they want to hold his hands while praying, but yea, it's just that the line was so so so so long and so so so so slow. People take their time, a lot of time.

And I remember seeing that signage when we went to visit Quiapo's Black Nazarene, there was something like, "bawal magdasal." so the queue there was fast-moving. Saka, ewan ko, you can pray anytime anywhere naman. Dagdag na lang na kahawak mo siya.
This part of the chapel where those with children are required to sit.
Really solemn place to celebrate Holy Mass at, trust me.
I so liked it there.
Observe proper mass attire. They're strict with it.
But in case you'd go there in shorts and sleeveless tops, they would lend you malong.

Don't forget your jackets/sweaters also since it's an air-conditioned chapel which can get too cold. But in my observation, scarves are the in-fashion. :)

Hey! Let's Travel to Bohol, shall we? :))

I had to search my old files for these photographs.

While on the airplane.
Vain ever since.
This, I believe, is the altar in Baclayon Church where you'd see Father Pio's image in one of the pillars of the church. It mysteriously appeared there.

Hey, I have an excuse for going around Bohol and some of the churches there in flip-flops! As soon as we entered our resort room, we were called again to go out for a "briefing,"  but apparently we rode the bus and went around for that entire day. Good thing I had my essentials with me.

 And oops, I remember that I still have that bag. I'll be using that again in Feb. on a different place. Oh please, take me to B*****!
Here it is.
When I used their restroom (Libis chapel), I saw a newspaper article clipping about Fr. Pio with this image. And that was the moment I realized that we have been there before.

So in this old stone church was I first introduced to him. 


Bohol, don't you want me back? ;)

Seeing this pictures... I wanna go back. Maybe in Danao Adventure Park? haha.
Taken when we went dolphin watching. 

Okay, back to MLA!

Someone take me to Mt. Pulag too!

Old memories and greed for travel aside, that chapel in Libis is seriously a place of relaxation, serenity and solemnity. There's just something in there that would lure you to come back. Such a great house of prayer, so conducive and homey.

And... and let's meet on the 5:30 PM Friday masses perhaps? I was there for two consecutive Fridays. :))

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