Meiji Meltykiss in Greentea

Lookie here, lookie here! Oh what do we have? :)))

My newfound chocolove in Meiji's Greentea Meltykiss. It tastes like Dark Chocolate and Greentea Cream.

This is sold for P 140.00 per box, yes, quite expensive. 

Especially when you're someone like me who wouldn't stop eating until I am able to eat all the contents of the box. -_-

My default order in Starbucks is Green Tea Cream Frappuccino, I so love that drink even if most people don't understand why. I'm just a sucker for green tea and matcha lattes.

My favorite chocolate is Meiji's Dark Chocolate. Like I've been loyal for several years already, that chocolate helped me go through a lot of things, you know. Nothing like a bar of dark chocolate on a boring day, on a depressing day, on a happy day, on a busy day. Hahahaha. EVERYDAY! Seriously though, if only I can eat it daily, I would.

Here, I present to you a picture of Greentea Meltykiss' box with the dog model, Cheska Bells.

It's not called MELTykiss for no reason, better eaten when you'd just let it melt in your mouth and no matter how tempting it is... DON'T CHEW.

So I've just researched on this and I'm adding "Visit the Meiji Factory in Japan" on my bucketlist. I wonder how it feels to be there, OMG. That should be heaven-like for me especially when I can eat everything! Hello, choco baby! macadamia chocolate! almond chocolate! meltykiss! black chocolate! super black chocolate! hello panda! Just the thought of it makes me happy already. Oh please, just one time. 진짜 가고 싶어요. 한번만. Oops, that was Korean. Sorry I know no Hiragana nor Katakana. Hehe. Konnichiwa, mina-san! Arigatou gozaimasu! Aishiteru! - the words I learned from watching Jdoramas. See, I'm knowledgeable, interested and willing enough to travel to Japan!! 

Someday, I definitely will.

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