Forget Me Not Cafe

And off to land of far far away where sweet memories are shared.

This is situated in Lilac St. at Concepcion Dos, Marikina.
We're the weirdos who would travel all the way there just to eat. Lol. 
But this one was really tiring 'cause I don't know where we were heading and it felt like we had spent forever before reaching the place. (I suck at remembering names of places but I then recalled that Concepcion Dos was where we helped in giving relief goods after Ondoy's onslaught.)

Was I not from QC and without the haggardness of the travel, this place will surely be a place of good memories. The interiors are good and it's relaxing. But next time, I'd vouch for a closer resto. The travel can be a reason why you won't enjoy your food.

Or maybe I expected too much...
Or maybe I ordered a wrong dish...

My order didn't just give justice to the long travel. Maybe if you live closer Lilac, this would be more worth it.
My order was this Pesto Pasta and look how oily it is. (if visible)
I mean you can still cook hotdogs with that amount of oil. I had to incline my plate to separate the oil from the pasta. 

I need another pesto fix. -_-

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