Gayuma ni Maria

Heeeeeey, sexy burger!!
I was torn among the dishes, "No Boyfriend Since Birth," "I Love You, Cross My Heart," and the winner for that day, "Sexy Burger."

Why? 'Cause I am sexaaaaay. Hahaha

'Cause I love burgers, and I haven't tasted any substitute for a beef patty other than mushroom, I was curious on how a banana patty would taste like.

And here is my order..

I love dissecting my big burgers just like what I do with Zark's just because it's easier to eat that way. It didn't work for this one though, I had to press it down to fit my mouth because it just doesn't taste right when eaten by part. But as a whole, it still tasted okay. I loved the taro fries!

But okay, I ordered the wrong dish. Hindi talaga uubra sa'kin ang sexy sexy. 

I failed to take pictures of the place but it's really interesting, they also have a naughty corner. ehehehe

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