It Takes A Man and A Woman + Gelatissimo

It's April Fool's day, yes, it's already April! 

But for us it's April 1st Date with Lloydie. 

The opening was yesterday, easter Sunday, and I was thinking of seeing it on its second week in theaters. But one of my friends tweeted us last night and asked us if we were free to watch the movie today. And of course, who am I to refuse when it's JL we're talking about? Hence, we watched it on its second day!

I was like, "Ano, papareserve ko na sa sureseats?"
"Okay na, K13, K14 and K15 are reserved."
(Kay JL lang ako nagbabayad ng convenience fee na 20.00 per ticket! Sakit kasi sa puso pag walang seats na daratnan o pangit na lahat ng naiwan.)

Hindi halata na fangirl ako, noh?

I won't review the movie  I'm not a critic but I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Winner talaga! Feel na feel namin 'yung tawa na pwede na nga kaming palabasin sa sobrang lakas ng tawa eh. hahaha

Taguan ng feelings?? :))

And yes, we commit mistakes and we also deserve second (third, fourth, fifth...) chances in life.

After the movie, we made use of the coupon in our movie tickets which entitled us to buy one, free one gelato scoop in Gelatissimo (1,2) My orders were chocolate creme brulee and macadamia and caramel.

That's two small cups for only P 110.00.

And this has been the April Fool's Date. ;)

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