Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM North EDSA

Vikings version 1.0 at SM Marikina link : here

Priced at P 688.00/person for a lunch weekend buffet + 5% S.C.

When it's your second time, although you don't want to be biased, you just can't help it but compare.

Here's the food story first: 
(Excuse the plating!)
Started with my salad and cocktails plate.

I liked the bacon bits and grated parmesan cheese.

I was looking for my feta cheese though.
I liked the calamares, pata, and tofu.

BBQ! and the pizza that I topped with bacon and parmesan cheese.
Milo Shake

I don't know the name of this pasta but this is so good!!
The salmon sashimi wasn't fresh, it was actually a little bit frozen.  I was so looking forward to fresh sashimi. -_-
An okay crepe.

So here comes the highlight of our meal; everyone was given their bill early - an advanced billing whatever they call it so they don't have anymore problems whether the customers would leave without them noticing, right? And since we're clingy, we all decided to leave for the dessert station. Our fault was not leaving anything that marked our tables since we also brought our bags with us. Better to be safe than sorry eh. So when we returned to our seats, there were already new customers occupying our table and okay, we stood there for quite a while holding our crepe and froyo plates while waiting for another table to be cleaned. It was a unique experience, haven't experienced that yet elsewhere. ehehehe. Whatevs.
FROZEN yogurt. At last!
Avocado ice cream and frozen yogurt once again.
Shaved ice tasted like air freshener.
Gave up eating just after one spoon-full so I just "played" with it.
And I just wouldn't miss the chocolate fountain!
Froyo once again.
Weird hot choco. Feelingerang tsokolate batirol.

All in all, I still ate a lot. Actually it felt like I ate a whole lot more here in SM North. 

Why I liked SM North Branch more:

1. You are allowed to use the frozen froyo machine and the yogurt is frozen!! hehehe!

2. The buffet area is smaller compared to Marikina branch so it is easier to pick your food. 

Why I liked SM Marikina branch more:

1. Walang feelingerang tsokolate batirol, theirs tasted like what you're getting when you're in Pampanga.

2. Since their buffet is, I think, bigger, it felt like they had more food choices. Which is yes, too overwhelming but I liked it that way. Hahaha. Weirdo me strikes again.

3. They have hot oolong tea.
4. We were granted our request that we sit on the couch even if we were only a group of three. We got in early with reservation in SM North but we just didn't have the privilege to stay on the couch. Since they wanted to maximize their "seat plan," a group of four weren't allowed to seat in a couch which a maximum of six people can sit in. Okay, we understand. hahaha. Bitter lang ng onti.


So whatevs, I can eat my Vikings version 3.0 in SM North Branch too. It's still Vikings anyway (meron pa kayang version 3.0? Hmmm...) but given the chance to choose where, I'd prefer to eat in SM Marikina eventhough it's farther.

I really wanted to take a picture of the whole buffet area but I gave up after taking these pics: More to taste...

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