Navotas Fish Port

Here are some of the pictures I got from an almost 2 hours walk around a fish port.

Despite always passing by a wet market because the jeepney terminals are most of the times located near one, it's pretty rare or should I say super kaduper rare that I am able to enter and buy there.

This is the first time that I've gone to a fish port and thus, this is blog-worthy. ehehe

 *I have anticipated the smell and the dirt/mud whatevers that I'd encounter taking into consideration how clumsy I am in every way.

If they catch tons daily for human consumption, gaano karami kayang isda at mga hayop ang nasa dagat?
Sobrang amazing.
I just wish that they are still able to multiply and replenish kahit araw-araw hinuhuli.

Alam mo 'yung feeling na pagala-gala ka lang?  "Excuse me Miss," sabay pagtingin sa likod may tinutulak na namang banyera ng isda. At pakiramdam mo, nakakaabala ka sakanila.

Alam mo 'yung hindi ako marunong maglakad ng maayos? Puro putik 'yung paa ko, seryoso... puro talsik lang.

And last but not the least, hindi naman ako marunong mamili ng isda. At sa totoo niyan, 5 isda nga lang ata 'yung kaya kong ma-classify; bangus, tilapia, galunggong, dalagang bukid at hito. Joke. Syempre marami pa 'kong alam bukod dyan. Sinasabi ko lang na marami pa kong klase ng isdang hindi kilala.

I didn't regret having visited one despite what I wrote above, I'd love to explore around a fish port given another chance but only with longer shorts and a tee na walang punit sa balikat. Medyo na wrong outfit ako dun eh.

FYI: Since it's a fish port, you'd have to buy in bulk as in banye-banyera. And for that day, since the supply were few mas mataas 'yung presyo nung mga isda... ang kadalasan na presyuhan daw kasi sa GG e P 50.00/kilo but we bought ours for P 80.00/kilo at may tawad na 'yan dahil P 100.00/kilo - P 110.00/kilo daw talaga ang bentahan nila. But I went to Save More that afternoon and saw that the price of GG was P 179.00/kilo. Doble ang presyo at mas malalaki pa nga 'yung nabili namin sa fish port.
This is moi with some fishing vessels at the background.

All in all, this fish port visit was another adventure for me despite it being a normal day to day activity for some. 

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