La Mesa Ecopark, Fairview

I totally forgot to post this here. But it's still April so here you go.

Ecopark used to be my favorite place to go to for that one-day getaway because of the pool and the super easy travel going there. 

I say "used" because my last visit was a bit of disappointment. It's not the feeling of being frequent in that area, I didn't go there for more than a year anyway.

And this was just one of the unkempt parts of Ecopark that said "Hi" to me.
Fallen leaves, unkempt landscapes, uncut grasses.

Even the pools which I used to love were off when we went there. -_-

Will this kind of view make the first timers say, "Wow! So Nice!" just like what we said on the first time we went there? I don't think so and it's a waste. A total waste.
Here's their new zipline.
P 200.00 for one-way
And maybe, it's time for me to say goodbye to ziplines too.

They're just aren't worth the price anymore. Hahaha. Or maybe because my last zipline ride in Tagaytay was way more sulit than this!

Or maybe, I should already try something else like parasailing and my dream, bungee jumping! But I totally busted the only chance of going to that place which has bungee jumping. Better luck next time, Tin. -_-
See you? I don't know, not ready to return anytime soon.

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