Nuvali (Solenad 1&2)

 After years of not visiting the South (particularly Tagaytay area which now felt like it's only a stone's throw away from our house sans traffic) I've been going there again and these are the links in five months stretch: 1, 23, and 4

While Paseo de Sta. Rosa has always been our stop-over place because it has the fast foods, we headed to Solenad this time. Well, I've always wanted to go to Nuvali (fish-feeding and water taxi area) but I haven't looked it up properly online. Back then, I didn't know that Nuvali is what you call the whole place and Solenad, which we've passed by a lot of times already, was a part of it too. And in Solenad 1 is where the fish-feeding and water taxis are located.

And the oh so very very very hot summer noon...

Taken from the lake area.
Approaching the fish feeding area.
Man-made lake.
Fish feeding isn't my thing since we have a small fish pond in the comfort of our home. I don't see the need to pay for fish feeds when I can feed fishes at home for free. But looking at this, I just couldn't resist so I bought a pack of their food.

This is the situation before feeding.
P 15.00/pack
I've never seen koi this plenty!
And this is what happens when you start throwing feeds.
I pity the fishes, they had to hurt themselves for foods... or maybe it's just me and my sympathy. hahaha
I'd throw them a sack of fish feeds if I can!
Some are literally out of the water when fed.
These fishes are really a site to see but I just couldn't help it but to feel sad for them.
It mirrors life's reality na may ibang tao dyan na ang sitwasyon ay halos makipag-patayan na maka-kain lang... it hurts a bit. 

Meanwhile, in Caleruega, kois are living the life...they're well fed and are relaxed in their pond. But I can't speak for the fishes. hahaha. Baka nage-enjoy naman pala sila sa ganyan.
After feeding the fishes, we headed back to Solenad 2.
Free parking nga pala.
Water Taxi which will take you around the man-made lake.
We've only seen a part of Nuvali and I still want to come back to ride the water taxi and walk around more perhaps. 

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