Villa Alfredo's Resort, Pampanga

A Paradise in the heart of Pampanga. 

We went there last Black Saturday, March 30, and I was the most indecisive person ever. Like, I was having second thoughts even until the moment I was packing my things. 

But I still went and here's what happened:

After a long "facelifting" ride along NLEX, c/o the high wind pressure from a fast moving car with open windows; we arrived at the place where escape was possible. With its aviary, aquariums and well-maintained landscapes, cottages and pools, you would't ask for more. Also for only P 180.00 entrance fee, Alfredo's Resort is the place to be. 

Excuse the face... ;)

Started the day with pool hopping.
They have 6 pools which include 1 Aztec-themed wave pool (bottom left), that pool with an island (bottom right) and a bridge, the children's pool with a playground (upper left) and the pirate-themed wading pool (upper right and middle pictures), dinosaurs-themed pool and the other that has two slides.

Water quality: The pirate-themed pool water was kinda off (accdg. to a description I heard from another visitor, "Ba't ganun? Lasang maalat, na maasim, na ewan.") but it's just a wading pool so I don't care about that too much. I enjoyed mimicking the poses of the statues in that area (middle)  while having my photos taken and that, for me, mattered more. hihi

The pool at the bottom right picture, for me, had the best water quality for that day. I was able to open my eyes underwater without the pain caused by the chemicals and the taste was okay. (Maiiwasan mo ba naman kasing hindi malasahan 'yung tubig, diba?) Except that pool had a lot of trees around it so there were floating twigs and leaves but there's a Kuya who always scoop them out.

I noticed not only the Kuyas who keep on removing fallen leaves out of the pool, there were also more than enough lifeguards in each pool esp. the wave pool. Hindi lang sila naka-upo, talagang pipituhan ka nila. 

After pool hopping, it was the time to walk around and explore the whole resort. 

Mage-enjoy ka ng maligo, mage-enjoy ka rin mag-picture and enjoy din looking around the different kinds of plants and flowers which some, I heard, were rare and exotic.
There are also some animals available for viewing... free.
And for P 30.00 entrance fee at their Aviary, you get the chance for an intimate encounter with some birds, snakes, lizards and much more.
Unlimited photo-ops with these animals for only P 30.00. As in kukunin mo lang 'yung ibon sa tayuan nila (kung matapang ka) at pwede na.

The cheapest I've been at so far... P 100.00 sa Avilon, P 50.00 sa Residence Inn (Pero tiger naman kasi 'yung kasama ko.), P 20.00 sa Baluarte ni Chavit (Pero isang ibon lang 'yon). Dito, sa sobrang sulit at pagka-close namin nung ibon, sinabunutan na ako nung white (middle right) at sinira niya pa 'yung necklace ko. Ajujujuju. May replacement pa naman akong ginagamit and repairable pa naman, wala pa kasi akong pandikit.

So these has been it. 
We stayed in a kubo cottage for a whole day rent of  P 700.00.

My concerns before I went there were:
1. Baka marami na namang tao masyado... ugh, yes, definitely there were a lot of people but good thing there were a lot of pools and other things to do that people were scattered. hahaha. Basura lang, scattered. Naging plus talaga sa'kin 'yung mini-zoo nila!

2. Baka mangitim NA NAMAN ako. hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahaahahaha. 
Kailan ba ko pumuti kasi?
But I seriously feel that I'm currently two tones darker than the usual all thanks to my Ilocos Tour last Feb.
But I regret nothing!

Gusto ko tuloy bumalik... pag konti na 'yung tao. Mga tag-ulan siguro. :))

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