Visita Iglesia 2013 - Cavite (Tagaytay) and Batangas



We wanted to do an out-of-town Visita Iglesia this Maundy Thursday and were deciding between going up north in Pampanga area or going down south in Tagaytay area. We chose Tagaytay because we hoped for a cooler weather. I was there three times last November and December (LINKS 123) maybe it was because of those trips I was having hallucinations that Tagaytay is a cooler place and won't be packed on a holy week.

Anyway, picking the seven churches was easy because of my Tagaytay cognitive map and google map's help in Caleruega area but churches seemed really far from each other because of the heavy traffic yesterday. The real sacrifice wasn't the church visits but the heavy traffic in between.

The photos of the relatively shortest day: Parang ang bilis talaga. 

This is not to discourage you but to challenge you to visit more churches than we did for your Visita Iglesia. Marami naman tao talaga kasi nasa labas karamihan para maglibot sa churches.

We left home at 8 am and arrived in Paseo before 10 am.

Breakfast round two in Jollibee.
Arrived in Caleruega past noon already.
It was my first time in Caleruega , I didn't know they ask for entrance fees.
Caleruega Church is already in Batangas but not that far from Tagaytay so it's still "in the area." This was the farthest church that day.
As we entered, money they earn from entrance fees are used for maintaining the place.
It's so nice and relaxing in there. They also offer retreat rooms just in case you like to unwind and spend the night there.
I didn't have a picture of just the mountains so bear with my face. hahaha
The altar area of the Transfiguration Chapel.
There are Koi (buhay baboy! they're ginormous!) ponds, picnic area with tents and the hanging bridge we weren't able to go near anymore.

I wanna visit there again for a longer time for some prayers and leisure time... someday when it isn't as packed as it was yesterday. 

EDIT: Visited there again on a weekday.
 Link: here. 
Next stop: Chapel on the Hill, Don Bosco Batulao

You'll pass by this chapel on your way to Caleruega.
View from the Chapel on the Hill
Altar area of the Chapel
The chapel is circular in shape and has 360 degrees view of surroundings.

Next Stop: Monte Maria
Monte Maria parking area
Monte Maria Chapel

Monte Maria Shrine is, I think, still under construction.

It's a pilgrimage center and was founded by Fr. Suarez, a well-known healing priest.

Kain na!!!

See the rain? At the back of Taal.
Sky ranch's Ferris Wheel I have yet to ride.

Edit: Tagaytay's Sky Eye Ride link: here.
We ate at one of the Bulalohan's in Tagaytay which is overlooking Taal but I was so hungy to take note of the name.

Look who's having the most fun... it's sightseeing Betchay on her first out-of-town trip. Gusto niya talaga nakasilip sa labas!

Hello there my Giordano watch c/o BDO.
Next Stop: Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel

St. Pio of Pietrelcina
Station of the Cross area in the Church's basement.

I seriously thought we were able to visit 5 churches but, we only visited 4/7.
Not bad. We went home around 7 PM and arrived at around 9 PM. I was sleeping the whole time during the drive home so I don't know how the traffic was but you'd notice that the travel time was way shorter.

The other three churches we weren't able to visit are:

Pink Sisters Chapel link: here

Our Lady of Manaoag, Tierra de Maria
Ina ng Laging Saklolo Church

Here's a screencapture I got from Google Maps just to give you an idea on where the churches are located. 

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