Sambokojin Lunch & Goodbye, April!

"Ugh, anyare? Bakit tayo andito?"

Thou shall not make decisions when you're so hungry that you can eat someone alive. 

After all the night cravings my friend and I were having for the past weeks, we finally got the time to meet up this morning but that was to have some documents processed. Okay, the cravings and today's agenda aren't related but yea, the cravings were probably the reason for this. While waiting in line, food  became one of the topics, and then we found ourselves wanting to eat Japanese foods, and then our stomachs were already grumbling. 

We didn't know if there were any Japanese restaurants in the area, so we decided to head to West. Ave and eat at  Oto-Oto Restaurant since that was the cheapest Japanese food unli I know. When we arrived at West Ave., to our dismay, the TCB Building was closed/ under renovation. 

We were like, "Okay, Saisaki?"
We went there without even thinking and when we arrived, we decided to eat at Sambokojin instead. Really, how impulsive can we be?

Sambokojin first time link: here

Not prepared.
Just used my phone for these pictures.

Yay for these two kinds of desserts on the plate.

Despite the visit being so out of the blue, we both ate a lot! Credits to the late night cravings and today's pigging out we're both hating on food now.  But yea, I think there's another eat-all-you-can day in line next month. Whatevs. There's enough time to crave again!

Dang, I really really really need to exercise already. Mi shorts are getting tighter day by day. Hahaha

And bye, April!

Well, April is like a roller coaster ride filled with ups but unfortunately, mostly downs.

I am not really looking forward to the start of May. Or should I say, I am not at all looking forward to the start of May nor the following months after that. I foresee May to be the worst of the worst. Something I don't really feel good about.

Ano kayang pwedeng gawin? Hmmm...

I keep on telling myself that the first step is always the hardest, but you know, I just can't find the courage to do make the first step. -_-

 I am too young to feel this old.

God, please, teach we what to do and give me the courage to make the first step and last in the battle. Ajujuju. I'm torn!

Please give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

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