How Frugal Am I??

I recently took this online quiz "How Frugal Are You?" and here, below, is my result.

You're Sometimes Frugal, Sometimes Not
You believe that frugality has its place, but so does the occasional splurge now and then. You visit the library instead of buying new books at the bookstore, but don't believe that paying full price for a meal out is a sin.
How frugal are you?

Well, I can say that this is true especially when it's food we're talking about.

1.  I'd ride a jeepney to minus P 7.00 in my fare, compared to P 15.00 if I'm gonna ride an FX... And would shell out P 170.00 for a Starbucks Green Tea Frappe in Venti. Hahahaha. 
2. I'd bring an eco-bag so I won't pay an additional of P 2.00 for each plastic bag when doing the grocery. And by impulse, buys a chocolate bar worth more than P 40.00

See. See. See.

While I have been being frugal with other things, it's obvious that food is my weakness. 

Okay, I'm trying to control. Trying... But then, just like the quiz's result, even if I'm trying to save, there's still a need for some occasional splurges. Afterall, I've lived being the spender who's trying her best to SAVESAVESAVE these days. I'm afraid the sudden changes with my spending habits would burn me out in the long run. That's worse, right? So here, starting with coins A.K.A loose changes and some money I've allocated for a day and remain unspent thus, saved; I am trying to gradually build up my savings in my BPI Easy Savers Account

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