Hello, June!

and my mid-year resolutions.

Six months after 2012 (New Year post here: link and six months before 2014. 

Time fleets, doesn't it?

The month of May has been a roller coaster ride and June's here... I wonder if it's going to be just a roller coaster ride again or an intense airplane turbulence where I'll be praying for my life so hard- a lot harder than I regularly do. Or whatever. I'm just being crazy.

Anyway, there are some things that I'd like to re-work on.

1. Saving

The first three months of 2013 went well, I was able to increase my savings in both my BPI and BDO bank accounts. However, April and May were pretty tough and I had withdrawn everything. No, it's not those useless spendings this time. But inevitable (unforeseen) expenses 'cause I can't control myself and gave in everytime (No, hindi sugar mommy levels! Hahaha!) On another note, I'm happy that I've tried to save. At least there's cash that I was able to withdraw when needed. This is the value of saving... having something ready for the rainy days. And another challenge of saving is to start over when the rainy days come and wash away everything you've tried to build the past months. 

Pera? babalik 'yan pero 'yung... hindi.

2. Eating / Exercising

Saving is the ultimate way to force yourself to go on a diet. If you're trying to save some money, you'd rather keep it than eat unnecessary foods, right?
Apparently for me, medyo hindi effective 'yan 'cause saving days are just like days when I have to maximize a worth of one peso and be creative with how can I be able to fill myself up and continue food tripping with a limited budget. Giving up food for a food lover is tough so exercising is the main goal here to balance the calorie intakes and calorie burns. Actually, for the past two Saturdays, my cousin and I have been participating in a Free Zumba exercise in Quezon Memorial Circle at 6 A.M. I am mentioning it here because of a possible extension of weeks or better yet months when the Breast Cancer Foundation is able to gather more donations from the attendees. More attendees means more donations so come and dance with us on June 8 and let's wait for the announcement whether or not they'll extend the exercise program until next month :) 

3. The challenges

The reason why I said that June may be a turbulent period because I'll be doing something that is least expected of me. When it's inescapable, what should I do? I'm happy that a lot people have been believing in my abilities but then, I appreciated it more when they showed that they support me in whatever it is that I have decided to do. I have no idea where this is taking me but one thing's for sure, what will be is better than my situation at the moment. Last month, I read a quote and the only line I remember now is,
"Do things for yourself." I might have taken some things for granted before but I'm doing my best to forgive myself for doing so and little by little pick up the broken pieces and reconstruct myself. Basag na vase lang pala? Hahaha! I'll do things for myself with much gusto, not minding what other people have got to say. Afterall, it's my life I'm living... not theirs. 

4. Driving

Once I have fixed my schedule, I will enroll at a driving school and gift myself the ability to drive! I fear driving but I'll try. I have to give it a shot so I can apply for a driving license. I need more valid ID's e.

5. Moving on

It's ironic that I'd be writing about love in number five. Five can also mean May 'cause it's the fifth month of the year. But yea, I decided to cut off a tie last May. I've been wanting to do that for the longest time but last month, that person's acts and words backed up my decision. Hindi ko kaya?! Huhuhu. Kaiyak na self-confidence ang meron sa taong 'yon. Kaya ko, at kung totoong hindi ko kaya, 'yung mga salita mo ang magbibigay ng lakas para kayanin ko. Wow! hahaha! Big birds! Ay, big words!!

6. Opportunities

It has been said that emotional pain only lasts for about 12 minutes. Any pain after that time span is self-inflicted. I don't know if I believe this or not but being able to experience pain myself, most of them were results of regrets and thoughts of what could have been; self-inflicted as you may also call it. The day after a failure is normally the shittiest day and the next two to three days are bad as well (based on personal experience) but as the old adage says, "Time heal all wounds." Also, pain would only stop the moment you also stop thinking about what happened. Forget whatever happened and focus on something else! That's the most effective way.

Now, I've decided to grab and try to accomplish every opportunity that would come my way. I'd take charge and if I fail, I'll feel the pain, learn from it, immediately move on and try once more. I will be stronger. I should be stronger. :))

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