Bosay Resort, San Roque Antipolo

I rarely go night swimming. Well okay, I rarely go swimming but it's more rare that I go night swimming.

Almost two weeks ago, we went on a night swimming at Bosay resort in Antipolo. For me, Bosay Resort isn't an ideal place for a night swimming. This is MY opinion though. I'd prefer to be there on a daytime to see a better view of the whole resort. Medyo sayang eh. Night swimming is only for private resorts where you don't have to stroll around the place anymore... saka 'yung may mga thermal pool pati, ang lamig eh!
Here's a picture of their Bosay Hotel. 
Choices of cottages and required swimwear. They're really strict when it comes to the implementation of bathing suits rule. It's wear the proper attire or you're not allowed swim.

Bosay Resort Rates
We paid P 190.00/head
This is the Storm Wave Pool which we were able to try first.
I loved it there but when we went back later that night, it was closed already.
Of all the resorts I've been at, this is the first time that I've encountered a disco pool.
Inside is a pool and a dance floor. I heard that a lot of people look forward for this.
Turtle Pool for the kids
This pool is the cause of all our confusions and disappointments. HAHAHAHA.
We went there on a night swimming because we were hoping for a Thermal pool, you know, that pool with warm water but we ended up finding a Therapy pool which we don't get why it's called that way.  It's not therapeutic at all.
Inside the disco pool area.

 I am "normally" that person whom you'd find dancing in a crowd but I forgo of that this time and chose to stay in the more serene Olympic pool beside this disco pool area.

Also, the whole experience felt like we were swimming in an iced water. It was so cold!!! It didn't help that Bosay Resort is situated in a mountain and we were out swimming until past 12 midnight! Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the Olympic Pool and looking at the night sky although there weren't much stars. Take me back to Ilocos, please. The night sky there is still the best I've ever seen. 
No sleep for that night. We just rested inside the cottage for a bit, waited for our "wake up" call at 5 AM and when we headed out our room, it was almost sunrise.
Strolling there on a morning is seriously better than strolling there at night. 
Photo ops before leaving

Bosay is in a mountain so it's understandable that you're going to walk on slopes. You'll get tired swimming but you'll get more tired transferring from a pool to another. Walking uphill definitely gets more difficult when you're soaking wet.

There was also a slight feeling of regret that we didn't get to see their Infinity pool because it's closed during the night.

We had no problems with the pool water quality. In fact, the water of their Olympic pool is one of the best I've swam at.

I'll be exploring more of Antipolo resorts soon. hihihihihi. Someday, infinity pool, someday.

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