Big City, Glorietta 2

I wanted to eat burger but I also wanted to try something else (bawal umulit ng resto!!) and as we came across this fastfood joint while walking in Glorietta, ano pa ba? Edi enter na.
Flame-grilled Burger with fries and drinks
P 145.00 + P 20.00 add-on for the cheese.

I like flame-grilled burgers more because they're less oily than those burgers grilled using the regular grillers. It may be big but the size is enough to fit in your mouth so feel na feel na burger talaga ang kinakain dahil di na kailangan gamitan ng fork at kutsilyo. As for the patty, juicy at masarap naman. Buti nagpa add on kami ng cheese.
"Unli" tomato catsup, mayonnaise and mustard.
Condiments are set-up on the tables.

They also serve hotdogs, sausages and buffalo wings.

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