Shomal by Hossein, Trinoma

This is the first Persian food post in this blog and now that I've mentioned it, the last time I ate Kebab was more than 2 years ago. Obviously, that's prior to the "birth" of this blog. 

Let's start with the restaurant.
It's a fine dining restaurant and I don't know why entered. HAHAHAHA. 
We requested that we sit in this part of the restaurant which has curtains to separate each tables. You can have the waiters put the curtains down for some privacy and "arte" like what we did with ours. It was also cozier that way.
As for the menu, I was overwhelmed by the choices not only because of the vast selections they have but also because I'm not familiar with most of their offerings. 
Trinoma is a busy (and noisy) mall so I appreciated the ambiance of this restaurant. It was very private, relaxing and homey; a break from the crowded "outside world".
I can't remember the price but this is less than P 350.00
Chelo Beef Kebab

My Kebab was mild and was spiced and cooked just right.

But more than the meat, the rice was the star of this meal.
It's long-grained rice, steamed perfectly and very flavorful on its own. I just don't know what the rice variant was.

Spicy and Garlic Sauce
I don't know if the white one is really garlic sauce or just a yogurt sauce. It doesn't taste garlicky enough for me while the hot sauce was so so so so spicy I literally drank a whole glass of water when I tried it.

Spiciness threshold is only high whenever I eat Korean food.

I've passed by this restaurant for a loooot of times already being the Trinoma girl that I am or I was but this is my first time to eat there.

I've also been seeing the word Hossein whenever I'm in Serendra and Greenbelt (I can't recall which one) and I think, those three are just practically the same. Or maybe not.

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