Hi, November!!

It's that time of the month again. Hihi. 
My monthly whatever for 2013 is 11/12 already. 
My golly, time fleets!!!

When I was writing my 10/12 post, I was then expecting October to be an activity-packed month but not an emotion-packed month as well. Aside from the hectic schedule of some days, there was also a roller coaster of emotions. 

In short, I was able to over claim not only my activities but also problems and disappointments too!
Those problems only lasted for hours though, kain kalimot lang ang peg ng halos lahat ng 'yon. 

But thank you, October. 
Na-miss ko 'yung sa sasakyan na lang ako nakakapag-reply at nakaka-check ng phone messages kasi hindi ko 'yun naasikaso agad at na-miss ko sabihin 'yung, "OMG. Hindi na ko pwede".

Anyway, a perfectionist, clueless, arrogant and insensitive (HAHAHA) INTJ asked me to take an online personality test last month and I was "scared" by the results I got, they're all true.  Akalain mo 'yun, introvert pala ko. Ano kaya nakapag-trigger nun? Hindi kasi 'yan 'yung personality type ko years ago when I first took that personality test. Or mapag-panggap lang talaga na medyo extrovert all along. But one's personality is dynamic so the change of type is not a big deal. I'll retake the test by October next year to see if there's going to be more changes. 

Check your personality here. These days, I am an explorer ISTP.

  • Can be very stubborn. ISTPs are not too sensitive when it comes to conflicts and criticism, but they can become very blunt and irritated if someone tries to criticize their habits, lifestyle or ideas.
  • Private and reserved. Surprisingly, ISTPs can be very difficult to get to know as they keep most of their thoughts and ideas to themselves, especially when it comes to private or sensitive matters.
  • Get bored quickly. People with the ISTP personality type may find it difficult to remain focused on something for an extended amount of time, with their thoughts drifting off to more interesting things.
  • May be insensitive. ISTPs tend to be very practical and logical, and they may often inadvertently hurt other people’s feelings by failing to recognize the importance of emotions.
  • Enjoy taking risks. ISTP personalities are big risk takers and may often do that simply for the sake of having fun. For instance, they may escalate a conflict with a colleague just to see how they react.
  • Dislike commitments. ISTPs like to review their obligations on a daily basis instead of committing to something for a very long time. This can cause significant problems in their romantic relationships.

Here's an interesting quote that is quite applicable for last month,

"Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”

― Paulo CoelhoThe Winner Stands Alone

For this month, I don't have plans yet and once again, I have no idea on what's going to happen in all aspects of my life.


Claim lang ng claim this month na naman. Something great will happen!

 (Sweet) Surprise me, November!!

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