Fondue for Two, Swensen's Mall of Asia

Days like today make me wish that I can just teleport to MOA or Eastwood and order this for myself 'cause you know, when all else fails, desserts can do the trick. 

This fondue is for two persons but bring me there on a "sad and unfair" day like today, I can eat all of these alone plus an extra scoop of matcha or dark chocolate ice cream as well. 

Fondue for two is composed of 4 mini scoops of ice cream (your choice of flavors), banana, mango, cream and wafer
And your warm chocolate sauce, of course.

P 340.00

Natatawa ko. Kasi fondue 'to so dapat, isasawsaw mo lahat pati 'yung ice cream? Di uso 'yun ihalo. Sinasawsaw 'yung fruits, kinain 'yung ice cream lang tas bago nasunog 'yung chocolate, kinain ko lang din ng ganyan. Hindi na nahiya na nasa rich kid ice cream parlor, sinimot talaga.

E kung bumili na lang pala ko ng isang bar ng meiji black chocolate, di ba?? hahahaha.

Babalik ako, Swensen's!!

Also, if you're gonna pass by Swensen's branch on a weekday, try their P 99.00 Sundaes!! I wish I have the luxury to go there on a weekday really. I want to try their Matcha Sundae too. 

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