Donate/Volunteer at Red Cross, QC Chapter (YolandaPH)

Another Saturday well spent!

No one wants to be hit by a disaster but it's on times like this that you are able to see how selfless most people are. 

These aren't all the donations because this is only one of the numerous repacking sites for Yolanda's victim but you just can't help but be  overwhelmed by the quantity of goods that are continuously being donated there.

I'd prefer to be in the field and be the one to give these relief goods to the victims but that's just not possible.

With two of my friends, we decided to spend some hours volunteering here at Red Cross in Quezon City Hall, Gate 5 (along Kalayaan avenue).

No need for scheduling.
Go there, log in then you're good!
We sorted out some donated clothes and then later on sorted out the canned goods too.

This may seem like a small thing but I really wish that the victims would feel the outpouring support other people are giving them.

The concern, the help, just about everything is stupendous.
Red Cross Quezon City Chapter Contact Details and Bank Accounts

Ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam na sa maliit na paraan at sa konting oras na nilaan mo e nakatulong ka na sa iba.
Ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam na hindi mo man matanggal 'yung sakit na nararamdaman nila e kahit papaano ay naging instrumento ka sa pagbangon nilang muli.

P.S. I'm not even affected but whenever I read newspapers or online articles and watch news about all the help we are continuously given, I can't help it but be touched too. To our fellow Filipinos and the international community who have been donating a lot and have been showing their support and concern, thank you so much!! All your help- big or small- would definitely be an instrument in rebuilding another person's life.

Sa dami ng tulong, isa lang talaga hiling ko, sana makarating lahat ng 'to sakanila ng buo.

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