Ginza Bairin, Glorietta 2

And it took me so looooooooooong to join the so-called "katsu craze"

I've devoted much of time learning Korean cuisine so aside from the usual Japanese cuisine (e.g. sushi, tempura, sashimi and ramen) wala talaga kong alam okay! But I want to learn more and actually, feel ko tinatawag na ko ng Japan at malapit na 'ko mag goodbye Korea. Ay joke, no goodbyes. Welcome other countries! Explore lang ng explore! Wala bang Japan Cultural Center? Murang anything about Japan dito lang sa Manila?

 Good thing my friend, Louise, was there to teach me while choosing my meal and while eating. Mukha na naman akong nawawalang bata eh. HAHAHA. View her blog here.  Gora! :)))

Magiging first time mo rin ba? 
As the waiter handed us their menu, he also asked us if we'd want hot or cold brown rice tea.
I went for cold which I had two glasses of.
I also liked the combination of their roasted sesame dressing and cabbage.


Challenge Accepted. 
This is what I've been wanting to experience actually. I know. Ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko but I've been wanting to ground my own black and white sesame seeds too for my Tonkatsu dip. 
I had a hard time choosing my meal, medyo alien kasi sa'kin 'yung mga terms. Joke. Because all of the choices look so good that I couldn't make up my mind.

 I went for SET A so I'd have three different types of Katsu.

P 425.00
Mix of Ebi, Hire and Rosu

Of course, being a shrimp/prawn lover (Hello, Sambokojin kung saan nag eat-all-you-can prawn ako. Link here) that I am, it's not surprising that I'd rank Ebi as my first among the three while Hire (lean pork meat) comes in second and Rosu (pork with a layer of fat) as my last.

Regarding the tenderness of their meat, I had no problems at all.

Had extra orders of cabbage salad and Japanese rice.
Sulit na sa sulit, right?

See that mustard looking thing on my plate? Hahaha. Naiyak lang ako pagka-kain ko. Idiot-proof your meal, wag mong isawsaw 'yung katsu dun sabay subo ng ganun na lang!!
And as soon as I saw the green colored ice cream, I immediately read what was this for.

Post post din sa Social Networking Sites for a free scoop of ice cream. They had sesame, coffee jelly and matcha. Can you guess what I chose?

We spent like forever taking pictures and posting (though hindi ko naman din na-post agad) so we could avail their free ice cream. 
Matcha Ice Cream
P 95.00/scoop when bought

These days, anything matcha is just the perfect way to end my meal.
This reminded me of Fran Meltykiss which isn't that sweet and you can really taste the matcha.
Isa pang reason kung bakit nanlaki lalo mata ko.
Shemay, natuto na rin ako maging wais ah.
Because I used my JCB Credit Card  when we dined there, they deducted 10% off our total bill.

If you're a JCB Credit Card Holder yourself, you can avail this promo until November 30, 2013.

Overall, my Ginza Bairin experience was great. I enjoyed the ambiance of the place, I had no complains with the service and I loved the food!

Since I have no previous katsu restaurant experience which I can compare this with, I can only say that Ginza Bairin has indeed set my standards high.

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