Manicure at KitcheNails, Trinoma

In one of my most recent stressful days, I'm really glad there's KitcheNails in Trinoma where I can go to for some de-stressing. 

Here's a picture of their comfortable waiting area.
There's a feet soak even for those only availing pedicure.

Notice how they use non-stick pan and place mat for this. 
I recently learned that my aunt went to a nail spa only to leave the spa with infection because of the dirty tools that the spa used. One thing that you'd notice when you're in KitcheNails is how they're sterilizing everything - from your hands, feet up to all the tools that their using for each client.
There you go, my red nails using Orly Nail Polish only at KitcheNails, Trinoma, 3rd level.

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