Davao Trip 2016: Day 2: Philippine Eagle Center

This is one of the attractions in the outskirts.
Our second destination for day 2. 
The eagle center is inside Davao City Water District Watershed so you'd have to pay P 5.00 entrance fee first. 
As for the entrance at PEC, I lost my list of expenses but it's probably around P 150.00/person.

Ganda ng bamboo. Some of the bamboos there are more than 20 years of age.  
Just one of the many eagles in the center. Those that are outside the cage like Mindanao, are eagles that were rescued/rehabilitated and aren't able to  fly anymore. Sad. Especially when you think about their nature of soaring very high in the sky. :(
This one is Fighter. The one at fighter's back is also Fighter, the eagle. Charot. Basta si Fighter 'yan.
Its wings were shot and hence, it isn't anymore able to fly. For the "regular" tourists, you can only take pictures like this one. But if you have Kuya Roy with you as well, then there's a possibility that you can take similar pictures like what I am posting below:
Dahil sobrang galing niya mag project... hihi

I was able to hold this small owl because of Kuya Roy as well. 

Happy to be toured around by Kuya Roy, a recent tourism hero awardee.
Thanks for the special treatment!!!! char. :))))

Monkey to be "served" for the monkey eating eagle's release day. 

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