Davao Trip 2016: Day 2: Davao Crocodile Park

 Because burgis people like me just wanna be VIP I sent everyone out when I was there. 

Hahaha. I'll show you pictures when I had the whole crocodile park to myself. Well, not really, I had three companions with me. I would've immediately ran back to gate was I alone. Hahahaha.

As I walked towards the exit gate, these puppies ran towards me. Hay. Dogs know who the good people are, don't they?
Followed me around for a bit.

What makes Davao Crocodile Park different from all the other zoos in Luzon that I've visited? The chance to try eating a durian crocodile ice cream.

Subic's Zoobic Safari link: here.
Tagaytay's Residence Inn link: here. 
Tagaytay's Paradizoo link: here.
Rizal's Avilon Zoo link: here. 
Ilocos' Baluarte ni Chavit link: here.

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