Davao Trip 2016: Day 1: Unli crabs at Glamour Restaurant

Glamour Resto 'N Caterer
Padre Gomez St.

This was recommended to us by the driver who picked us up from the airport. As soon as we heard that there was unli crabs we were like, "SAAN KUYA!?" 

However, we had a difficult time finding their restaurant since we didn't know where it was. The driver told us it was only walking distance from our hotel but we were too bangag to remember the directions. Get what I mean? I just googled the location before we left the room and when we got in the location, wala naman.  The taxi driver we hired wasn't familiar with it as well so we went down in Chinatown because we're starting to get frustrated. Haha! 

So for those visiting 2016+, nasa Padre Gomez Street sila. 

But from Chinatown, we were able to ride a tricycle and the driver was immediately able to bring us here upon saying, "Kuya, dun po sa unli-alimango kami pupunta. Alam niyo un?"

 After all the circling in the area, we arrived here just in time for the opening.

As we entered, we saw three tables of tourists who still had their luggages with them. Dinadayo talaga 'to ng mga tourists especially those from Manila like moi.

For 438.00/person, exclusive of drinks, you get to eat the following food:

The choices are limited but they're enough for me especially because the alimangos were so taba. (Conyo much)
So.. mas masarap nga ba ang prutas sa Davao?


Sobrang taba!!!! Haha. Loved all the food!

Just make sure you arrive at the restaurant early because even if they said that it was "unli", it isn't. They only refilled this for around three times and so those who came in late weren't able to enjoy the "unlimited crabs."
Sarap nung rice sa kaliwa.
Crunchy Chicken.

As much as I am sorry to the fish eggs (left part), they're one of the food that I like eating. haha!
Sorry sa millions of fish eggs na kinain ko. 

Sulit na talaga for crabs like this. Wala pa ever sa lahat ng nakainan kong buffet o actually lahat ng nakain kong crab na ganito kataba. Ingat lang sa may mga high blood pressure. Not good for you.
Worth it and true.

You really can't leave Davao without eating here... unless you don't like seaafoods, of course. :)

And guess what? Malapit lang talaga siya sa'min. Haha. Parang less than 10 minutes walk kasi nung pauwi kami, wala man lang nadagdag sa flag down rate nung taxi. Yan yan. At least nakarating kaming Chinatown... :))

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