Davao Trip 2016: Day 2: Eden Nature Park Adventures

This first part will include the "intense" recreational activities in Eden that I tried: Skyrider, Skycycle and Skyswing. 

Pricelists and schedules of EDEN Nature Park's Activities as of January 2016.
Resort Map

Didn't expect it to be this big. 
From the reception area, we were taken here where the fun takes place. Haha!
Pricelist as of January 2016

 I don't know if I am just not exposed to these activities a lot but I think EDEN Nature Park has a lower price than other establishments offering the same attraction... or am I wrong?
Even those who don't know how to ride bicycles can ride this. Hey, it's just 60 feet high. No biggie. HAHAHAHAHA.
Kuya Joey, our driver and photographer, with his signature zipline move. I CAN'T.  
YESSSSS. Next shall be the zipline in South Cotabato. Huhu

I had no companion so I was alone when I rode the Sky Adventure... didn't know it will be the start of doing challenging things and conquering fears ALONE. HAHAHAHAHA. The funny thing was when I was slowly pulled up (100 feet high), I was telling myself, "Ito lang matatakot ka na, paano pa pag....." Well, inarte lang. HAHAHAHA.
It rained after I tried the swing so we went to the restaurant and ate the complimentary snacks.

And these are what we had for that afternoon. 


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