Davao Trip 2016: Day 1: NAIA T4 to Francisco Bangoy International Airport

This post is just a compilation of pictures I took on my way to Davao. Some pictures of NAIA Terminal 4, Clouds and finally, Davao International Airport. 

New chairs, noh? 
Buti pa 'tong hot milo at mami na kinain ko sa airport, MAHAL. Ajuju. :))

We boarded the plane on time but left an hour late. It was still dark (before 6 am) when we boarded. I slept for around 30 minutes and when I awoke, we were still in Manila.

As you can see, the sun has already risen.

There was just too much air traffic and plane leaving NAIA that almost all flights got delayed. Time to decongest NAIA, Philippine Government!
Why I love flying early in the morning is being able to see beautiful cloud formations such as this. Hehehe.
This was the only time I got to see Mt. Apo. It was always covered with clouds everytime I looked at it while in the city.

Mt. Apo is the mountain on the left. Although I am not currently dreaming of climbing it, who knows diba? But I wish to stay closer to it the next time. Sabi kasi, there's a mountain resort near it.

Mt. Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines at 2,956 MASL.

Climbing the Philippines' third highest mountain: Mt. Pulag at 2,922 MASL.
"Life is Here" is the tagline of Davao City.

This is the first but definitely not the last city in Mindanao that I will visit.
I've been hearing good things about Davao especially when people were forcing Mayor Duterte to run for presidency so I was excited to experience the good things myself.
Outside the airport, it was already evident that Davao is a clean city. 
Durian Monument

Our driver told us a lot of facts about this sculpture in Francisco Bangoy Airport but I was too bangag to remember them. Haha. I only had an hour of sleep before going to Davao so my mind and body really wanted to rest that time.

Those people depicted inside the Durian fruit were the tribes who resided in Davao. 

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