Davao Trip 2016: Day 2: Japanese Tunnel

After EDEN Nature Park, we side-tripped at the Japanese Tunnel. HA!!!!! We should've just chosen Malagos instead of this. 

But it's part of the history afterall so keri na nga. 
It is so creepy!!!! I've been in caves, with opening much smaller than this but this one gave me chills, as in seryoso. It was only a short walk towards reaching the end of the tunnel but I felt uneasy in each step.

Pero you know, this is coming from someone who've visited Corregidor and have walked through the Malinta Tunnel only to find out upon arriving at Manila that there were still souls of Japanese soldiers who were there with us inside the tunnel e the one in Davao is so small, huhuhuhu, baka nakatabi ko sila or what. hahahaha praning

But okay, selfie. Haha

Japanese Tunnel, January 2016.

Buti na lang, not like the viral Intramuros picture. Baka nakunan ko pa circa 1940 I can not....
They have converted the Japanese tunnel's location to a resort..... would you guess if I'll stay there? HAHAHAHA

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