How to Activate Fund Transfer to Anyone (BPI)

One thing that I found really convenient and time-saving is the fund transfer to anyone function of BPI's Mobile App.

I've done this a lot of times for a lot of different reasons. Hahaha. Kainis. Yayamanin ang peg. :))

There are three easy steps to follow for this:
Note: I've done the registration months ago so I got these screenshots and texts from BPI's Website. I hope BPI won't mind that I directly copied and pasted everything. 


1. Login to the BPI Express Mobile app 
2. Select More > Enable Transfer to Anyone 
You would have to enroll each of your mobile devices to the service if you're using several gadgets to access your mobile app account. The maximum amount to be transferred is P 50,000.00 per day. 

3. Fill in the required fields, choose your preferred activation option and submit the request.

If you choose Via Express Teller Machine, you will be asked to activate your request via any BPI ATM using the ATM card of the account you specified. Please do so within 5 days after filing the request.
    • Select Special Services > Activate Enrollments > Express Online
    • You will receive the activation code via email after 10 minutes.

If I can, I don't go to banks because I dislike forming lines so BPI's online appointment (web only) and fund transfers (mobile only for me) have been very helpful to me.

Online appointment is when you set your desired time of going at a BPI branch and wait for the Electronic Number to show on the screen when you get there. And if there's someone I have to pay or send someone money and that person owns a BPI Family or BPI Islands Account then I just do fund transfers. Fund transfers are also able to reload BPI Prepaid Cards

 It is also worth mentioning that until December 24, 2016, BPI mobile can be accessed without data charges for Globe, TM, Sun and Smart subscribers.

BPI Easy Savers Account Requirements link: here.

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