Hello, Freebruary!

Free hindi dahil mahilig ako sa libre (pwede rin naman), kundi I'm free siguro free na freedom. hehe. Free from being concerned about what other people think of me, haha, or pinaka okay --- free from anything I can't control. Basta let go and focus on the things that matter more. Bahala na sila sa buhay nila. :))

 Except for my New Year's Day post, I did not write any personal post last month so I don't know where to start. Hehe. But the number one on my should-write is this, don't judge people. period. I don't want to expound on it anymore since I left that unpleasant experience in January and decided to start February anew hehehe free from caring about what other people think... again. Pero seryoso, if you've never walked a mile in somebody else's shoes then shut up. If there's something you can accept or understand in somebody's life, don't mind it since it's none of your business. There are sides of the story that you're not aware of so don't act as if you know everything. 

Live and let live

Isa pa. When you try to care about somebody's well-being but it turned out that all the things you said were given no importance then it's fine. Move on. At least you did something. It's a good thing that on that day, I read this: "Everyone is travelling on their own path. You cannot make anyone see things your way when they aren't in your same frequency. Let it go and allow for their own time to evolve into whenever they are ready. You are only responsible for your own perspective." I was irritated for a while but later on remembered that at many points in my life, I also ignored what other people told me. 

If I happen to be the one who's right , then that person needs the learning experience he/she is about to have. You can't force people to listen eh so... k. 

Anyway, hindi naman pwedeng bad vibes lang lahat, diba? So last month, I was talking with someone and our topic was his recent trip then he told me something like, "Nung nandun ako, sinabi ko talaga sa mga kasama ko na magugustuhan mo lahat ng meron dun." It's not that I got kilig because we're romantically linked or may spark kasi wala, it's just the feeling of knowing that someone actually thought of me. Saka, it helps that people who surround me believe that I can go places. Mas okay pag mas maraming naniniwala. Haha. Maipilit lang, noh? Pero, 'yun nga nakakatuwa pala na malaman 'yung mga ganyang bagay.  

Nga pala, ikaw? kamusta?
I hope you're doing great. 

Hindi rin maganda masyado January mo? Di bale, trial month pa lang 'yan. May Chinese New Year Celebration pa sa Monday. Kaway kaway, love love at congrats para sa mga taong pinanganak sa Year of the Monkey dyan! Sobrang swerte niyo this year daw ah. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Pero lagi naman kayong maswerte kaya nga hintayin na lang kung gaano ka-kabog 'tong 2016. 

Here's to moving infinitely forward.
Here's to a highly favored year.

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God bless. :*

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