Shercon Resort and Ecology Park, Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas

We spent an afternoon in Shercon Resort and Ecology Park in Batangas, the rate is P 250.00/person for a day tour even if you're not going to swim.

For kids at 4-7 years old - P 150.00

This place is probably familiar to you already since this went viral in Facebook for a while. The resort is on a hilly part of Mataas na Kahoy.

It's a good thing that the parking is scattered around the resort so going to one pool to the other isn't much of a problem if you have your own car; and there are also shuttles that you can ride although we had a hard time finding one since they were all used by the people who are doing ocular inspections.

If all else fails, you can just walk around like we did. Though walking is definitely not recommended to the elderly --- na mabilis na sumakit ang tuhod.

Note: I don't have photos of all the swimming pools. I was only able to swim at the pocket pools and the infinity pool.

These pocket pools are, I think, the most famous out of all the pools there but don't expect much 'cause aside from the aesthetics, each pocket isn't big enough to be able to swim in.. parang pinalaking bath tub lang ganern.

This is perfect for people na gusto lang maglublob.

Those are some of the cabins if you're thinking of staying overnight. We waited for the shuttle at this part but couldn't ride one so we opted to walk uphill. Not a problem for me since I'm into these things but my companions did have a difficult time though. 

There's a lap pool there where the lady wearing white shirt is standing at. 

We had to walk along this hanging bridge 'cause the way going back to the infinity pool area from the pocket pools is long if we weren't going to take this shortcut.

By the way, there are also a maze, wall climbing and rapelling near this area.

I miss mountain climbing.
I definitely do. 

Actually, it's not the pools that made me like this resort but the "ecology park" Have I told you that they also have a strawberry farm here?

Love this!!!

The cliff below is quite high but don't worry since the hanging bridge is sturdy.

This is where we spend majority of time especially because it the deepest pool they have. Aura na lang sa pic, beshy para mukha talagang infinity kapag nasa tubig ka na. 

One of their many pavilions/halls you can rent for a private event.


Garden wedding, anyone? I've found a good spot for yah.

If you're the type of person who loves hanging out with people who love to swim, this is the perfect place for you. :))) Hahaha!

I enjoyed the time when I wasn't swimming more than I was since the entire place is a real beauty. As in. You'd feel relaxed even by just walking around the whole resort, granted that it isn't very packed with people.

Day tours are from 8 AM to 5 PM. 
We didn't rent a cottage so we had our things we had all the time. Lagay mo lang sa gilid at palaging tignan. hehe!

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