USA 2016: Glen-Alpine Falls, South Lake Tahoe, California

I may sound biased to this because my name is a name of a falls here in the Philippines but yea, waterfalls, though I haven't seen a lot in this lifetime YET, is my favorite water form. Soon! Ip-peg ko 'yan sa travel itineraries ko. Charuu! haha. Yes, Lake Sebu? :)))

We were looking for a place where we can take pictures with the Fallen Leaf lake at the background but we got lost and found this gem - the Glen-Alpine Falls. It's a good thing that you can see this by the roadside unlike other falls which you would usually have to trek first before seeing. 
But taking pictures from this area didn't suffice! We went closer to the falls. haha!
So ayun na nga mga beshy!

We got lost but we found this falls! Best time to go here would be spring to early summer (maybe) because although there were still plenty of water flowing in this picture, you may see less water there during the summer.
Going near was not hard though take extra care in walking on the rocks because some are kind of slippery.
The multi-tiered cascade is around 65-70 feet high. 
Gushes of clear and cold water. 
I loved the roaring sound. hahaa. Kung roaring man 'yon.

There are a lot ot of waterfalls around Lake Tahoe since it's encircled by mountain ranges but I think we found one of the most beautiful ones!
Underwater Picture na hindi mukhang underwater sa linis.
This is the creek on the upper part of the falls where the cascade starts.

The water of Glen-Alpine falls which eventually find its way to the Fallen Leaf and Lake Tahoe is from the Lily Lake which I will be posting next and of course, the water of Lily Lake is from another water falls. Water cycle ganyan. :))) Haha! So if it's not yet obvious, compared to the Philippines which is a tropical country, water mostly come from melted snow. 

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